Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday, studio opens today!

     My oh my how time flies.  I know I have done so much this summer and it feels like the longest summer ever.  In some ways that was good in that I feel that I really had a break, but I did put my foot down about my time this year.  In years past I have taught at least 2-3 weeks for nothing and I refused to do that this summer.  This caused some major cash flow issues, but those will be taken care of soon.    We had three nice weeks of true vacation.  One week with our grandson, one week at the coast, and one week touring the D.C. area's.  I also took a week at my mothers, but I would not call that a vacation since I worked like a dog the whole time.  I was however able to do all of this and stay ahead of the game.

     On the other hand it was the busiest time I have ever had with sewing.  I am sure it is because I am one of the few places in the area and I am here most of the time.  I also am in cell phone or texting distance to answer customers.  I have a good reputation for delivery and quality.  But is has taken me ages to learn these skills and I am by no means perfect.

    I am just grateful that I can look back on this summer with joy.  My arthritis is under control right now and it is the best it has ever been.  I have had summers in the past where I stayed on the couch most of the time, no garden, no planting.  May I stay this way.

     Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity.  I went into my give a mouse a cookie phase and about drove my family nuts.  Hubs and I had unpacked Sunday night, but all the beds needed to be changed as I left them this way.  The garden needed to be picked and laundry was up the wazoo.  Sissie smokes the poor darling, such a bad habit and I know she has tried to quit, but all our clothes smelled smokey so I washed everything. 

     Hub's went to get groceries as I refused to go with him, I was in the middle of tearing up the linen closet.  I know completely unnecessary, but I had a cookie and I needed milk to go with it.  Culled out a huge bag of linens for good will.  Also was able to organize the sheets and blankets for the beds.  It was very cold yesterday night so I put out the winter blankets and linens. I know it is going to get hot again, but at least we can sleep above and turn on the fans.  I also took out all the fall table clothes and napkins, pressed them and put the decorations out.  This too was feeding the mouse, but it is done and this will be a whirlwind Fall from now on.  I don't know if I will come up for air before Christmas.

     Daughter #2 was here so we could work on her wedding.  We made a guest list, picked out the photos for the invitations.  Went to Joanns as they had their Casa selection of bridal fabrics 50% off then for Labor day you could take another 25% off your total.  So 75% off, that does not happen very often.  I was able to get all of her bridesmaids dresses, and most of her fabric and patterns and candles for decoration for  $272.00  This is 5 dresses, one bridal gown ( just the fabric) the little girl dresses 5 of them and all the table and other candles.  She is going with fall colors and small pumpkins as center pieces along with candles, and her signature swan.  So last night as she ran an errand, I went into the garden in the dark and ran all over the yard collecting a small pumpkin and flowers, ivy, sedums etc.  I threw together this combo, and let it sit over night.  We will have to take the flowers live up to the sight which is 2 hours away so I wanted to see how they would last.  Well after 12 hours they are a little droopy but I did not wrap stems or take my time making sure they were in feeding water situation.  So  I must have 50 different small pumpkins in the garden and the sedums, ivy, bacopa fern, grasses will all still be alive.  We will just have to order in a couple of bunches of mums.  Cheap, cheap I tell you.  We also collected little glass swans from all the second hand stores and we have 12 of them for 12 tables, I just have to paint and glitter.  Twelve bucks.  Done!  Our daughters name means little swan in Swedish.  So that is out of the way.  We planned her bouquet and the bridesmaids, and corsages and boutonnieres.  So flowers are planned , food is planned,invitations are in the works, wedding apparel is planned.  She still needs to get much done.  The ball is rolling........

This is what we will go with on the table linens, white table clothes with gold runners.
View from the back, see how the wild grape is a little wilted, I will take care of that.

This is a side view.  Hey pretty good for a person stumbling around the yard in the dark.

     In my cleaning frenzy yesterday, and yes it was a frenzy, I took down many of the bathroom and bedroom things in the basement, as mother will be moving in and it was rather dark.  I sent a carload of these things up to the youngest daughter for her new apartment to reuse.  Mom can then put in what she wants.  I still had large containers of the girls things here and I went through them and sent everything I could up to Moscow and Spokane. I know D#2 and #3 would prefer I keep their crap, but my mom's crap is coming and they have to help.  I still need to get the large Swedish truck out of that bedroom, I have a bookcase that is full that needs to be emptied and several pictures on the top shelves.  I need to find places for these.  That is for another day.

    The mouse almost started to clean the garden yesterday but I stopped her.  The yard is a wreck from the storms, but oh well it will be there when I get to it.

     I forgot I had scheduled a secret shop yesterday on top of everything else, but it worked out, as we had to run to Wal-mart for some pet things and the shop was close buy Joanns so we killed those birds.

Daughter #2 was not too excited about filling her car to the brim with D#3's crap but we sent her up there to spend the night and she continued on this morning.  They can work it out, I am busy and have so many spinning plates they can help spin and there was really very little complaining, just sighing at the work involved.  Life is work and anyone that tells you different is selling you something.  Okay a rephrase from the Princess Bride, but still true.

     Now the shop is a disaster.  I need to get in there and try to remember what I am doing.  I should be able to get in at least 4 hours of sewing today.  Need to be at the studio by 3 and then I have a rehearsal at the church tonight for the Swedish dance program.  That should only take an hour.

     Crap I forgot the piano movers will be here this morning, Arghhhhhhhhh!  Need to get dressed maybe?  I wanted to post more pictures of our trip and Sluggy and I but will have to do that tomorrow.

Out My Window: Skies are clear, I was able to get 7 eggs yesterday from the chickens.  The flowers are starting to recover from the summer heat.  I must ignore them right now because I have too much to do and I cannot get caught up in the yard.  It is hard for me to ignore things.  Well except for dirt in my house.

I will post more tomorrow about our trip.

Can't wait to see my students again.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. We might be related. I do the same thing-----one thing leads to another and everyone around me is going crazy. They say I do it to them but I have a hard time believing that.

  2. It is because when you get a cookie you need milk with it. Just explain that to them. We are not crazy!