Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday, headache, mom sick, behind already:(

     I cannot work in the yard this morning as it is rainy and cold.  I am cold.  I was feverish last night and this morning I have a headache.  I hope it goes away with Excedrin.  Mom is throwing up again and has not done that for weeks.  I have a meeting with Hub's insurance coordinator at 2:30 I forgot about, so I have cancelled a meeting with booster Pres and ballet mistress so I can attend to a few more things here before I tie up my whole day without a break until 7:30.  Just too much on the plate today.

     I still have not paid bills although I did get the desk cleaned off and that was no easy chore.  I need to take mom out to get Spider spray for her room.  The little critters are every where.  The house needs love.  It is funny when I spend an hour or two out in the yard I don't do my regular house stuff and then in a few days it is obvious.  Why can't garbage cans reline themselves?  Why can't baskets of clothes put themselves away?  Why is there still Wedding crap all over my shop?  Why? Why?  I really have to put this stuff away myself?  I was just hoping if I left it there it would disappear on its own.  I am such a dreamer.

     There is a pile of sewing to do and I need to make a few phone calls for sewing.  blah!

     Okay I am just sitting here in a daze and I need to be productive, but I am waiting for Excedrin to take affect.

     On my mark, get set, go!  Splat!  still sitting aghkrahgoip head hitting keyboard.  Okay this is ridiculous someone needs to come here and kick my butt, don't worry my mother will be on my case in few moments.  Nothing like living with a slave driver to make you get motivated. 

Do you guys suppose that my mom is taking up more of my time than I thought she would because I feel a little behind and fractured?  I guess I just thought I would be caught up in a few days and it is not happening.

Frustrates me.


Have a great and productive day.



  1. You spent a few years 50 or so years ago taking up her time. So, I would NOT blame her! Why is she throwing up?