Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday, home to rest, what a joke!

     Well mom and I pulled into town last night about 8, we had dropped the girls off at the airport in the early morning.  We stayed at a hotel right  across from the airport that had a shuttle, but they each had so much luggage as they were taking mementos from moms that I took them over at 5 in the morning rather than pack and unpack the car 4 times.  I went back to the hotel and went back to bed.  Mom and D#2 were still asleep.  We slept until 9 and then went back to D#2's house about 45 minutes away.  I was able to complete a bridesmaid dress for her room mate.  I have to put a hook and eye on it and finish the hem. Then mom and I set off for Lewiston.

     The house is a disaster again and there is so much stuff to put away.  I need to do 2 dump runs.  The truck right now is full of garbage. I will run it out tomorrow morning.  Then I must break down I don't know how many boxes and take to the recycling.  We have several boxes of things that need to go back up to the storage unit, and I cannot find the box with dad's top hat in it.  In Sweden you are given a silk top hat with a solid gold emblem of your science on the front instead of a mortar board.  I have found his white leather gloves his wire bifocals and his white silk scarf, but the hat remains elusive, it was all together in a display case.  So mom is frustrated about that.  I know I will find it.  Just not Today!

     Our formal front room is so full of furniture you can hardly move and I need to do a major rearrange, but no time now.  I will just have to do a little every day.  Today mom and I went to two grocery stores one to shop and one to pick up prescriptions. Staples for a new computer mouse and we mailed a package to my sister of things she did not pack.  So those have to's are off the very long list of things we have to do.

    Mom's piano was damaged in the move and so was the grandfather clock.  I really do not believe in taking out 0 deductible insurance unless it is for a move.  We can now call and have these items fixed at no cost to us and it was well worth the premium.  Now just to get that done.  Ugh!  The piano cannot be played.  So frustrating for all of us.  Joel and I usually play at least a couple of hours a week and mom every day.
     I am so behind on this wedding. I am very upset about it.  But will plug along as I have no other choice.

Have to run just wanted every one to know I was alive and I will read and comment later to all of you.

Have a great and productive day.

By the way as this is a personal finance blog, note that I paid off the car.  Drum roll please! I am very close to passing Sarah, so she had better get busy.  If I know Sarah she will be out selling something on the street to stay ahead of me.  Sarah just don't get arrested......



  1. I do not know how you can get so much completed

  2. I begin to hyperventilate when I read your blog. Ha! I hope you soon see the light of day!

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  4. I am about ready to bow to your greatness ... I am just not beating it down like you are lately. Go, Kim!!

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