Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday, what happened to yesterday's post?

What happened to yesterday's post?  Well I started and then the clock repair man came with the final pane of glass and mom woke up and grandson needed me, and I had 4 baskets of laundry to put away.  The wedding caught my attention and the rest is history.
     I am making progress however I have now torn the two very thick large calluses off my right hand pointer and middle fingers.  These are the ones I use to bead and embroider. I know, I know wear a thimble.  I can't breathe when I wear a thimble.  Both my mother and grandmother thought I was nuts but it is true.  I just start to hold my breathe the minute you put a thimble on me.  Daughter will have to finish bead work.

     Swedish cookies are done, we have mints to make and a Kranskakke  (Wedding Cake), but daughter will also do those.  I have one bridesmaid dress to  finish making.  It is cut out and started.  The maid is coming down this afternoon so I need to have it done before she gets here.

    Daughter reading over my shoulder and says, " I want you to write Thank God for daughter."  Okay Thank you God for daughter.

     Yes Misty I will post pictures.  I did run get my nails done yesterday afternoon.  I have to run in and teach tonight for a couple of hours, other than that I have not taught this week.

     So it is off to the shop I go to finish a few projects, we are all getting our hair done this afternoon.  It is getting closer and I am in a state of dread, but more relatives that have each had 6 daughters and yes I have done every single one of their weddings are coming tomorrow as reinforcements.  I can delegate out the troops.

Pray for me.

Have a great and productive day.


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  1. Have a wonderful time with the wedding and delegate, delegate, delegate!