Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday, things off the list!

     I or I should say we just keep plugging along ticking things off the list. I was able to get another bridesmaid dress done yesterday, but then had to rip one apart again to alter.  So my goal today is to put the one I ripped out back together and finish.  I will also cut out another and get it to finish point before I leave for the studio.  I need to finish altering 2 more bridesmaid dresses for another wedding they are due out at about 1:30 today.  I am refusing all work except for easy pant hemming.  13 pairs came in yesterday, okay I said easy but did I have to get 13 pair?  Fate I tell you is laughing at me.

     Mom finished the meatballs and they are in the freezer. She is going to start the rosettes today.  I also told her to make a treat for my booster meeting tonight.  That should keep her busy.

     Last night after dance I took d#2 up to Moscow to pick up d#3's car so she could take herself back to Spokane.  Daughter #3 can walk to campus for a few days and it solved logistic problems of getting the bodies down here for dress fittings.  Then grandma and I went to Winco to by college girl or d#3 some groceries.  She will graduate in December and I can hardly wait.  Just the thought that I have all three through college is a dream come true.  Then mom and I came home and planned our day today.  Of course we have over planned but what is life for anyway?

     Now dam*&t I have to get to work.  Yesterday I called my Sissie just because I needed to hear her voice.  Sometimes when things get totally out of control or I am feeling very overwhelmed just the sound of her voice can calm me down.  Is it a twin thing?  She will say," just breath Sissie".  I will feel better.  She is with me in spirit.

     Well I am off to the races again, let's see which horse I can pass today......

Have a great and productive day!


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