Thursday, February 18, 2021

Friday, I got my first Covid Shot!

 I was able to get my first shot this morning. (Thursday)  When Hubs and I got home we were catching u on all the local newspaper reading and the paper had listed 5 different places where one could try and obtain and appointment for the vaccine. I was on waiting lists at all of them, but decided to spend an hour calling again. And this time 4 of the calls all referred me to one of the places.  So the paper had all these places to call and actually there was only two places.

All were very nice, but I got conflicting info at every call. So I called my local GP which was not listed and insisted on speaking to his nurse.  I asked her when the shots would be available and told her about all the conflicting info I was getting.  I also told her I felt that my doctor who deals with geriatric patients should be advocating for people like me.  She did indicate that all his older than 65 patients did have access, but I was an anomaly.   I requested this doctor about 13 years ago as my specialist in Spokane said he dealt with many RA patients and it was a geriatric kind of RA.  He knew more about the treatments and really stayed up on them.  I was turned down by the clinic because I was too young when I requested my records be sent to him..  But I had both of his daughters as students and when he came to pick up his youngest one day, I told him I was seeking his care and what my specialist had told me and he pulled strings.    SO here I am stuck in the cracks of this mess.  His nurse was frustrated with the info I had been given and said she was going to check on some things and would have someone call me.  Well within 15 minutes I had an appointment for a shot!

I was so surprised!  It did not hurt at all, but I was warned with my autoimmunity system, I would likely not feel well and the second shot could kick my butt for a day or so.  they were right, as I came home and within an hour I started to get a bad headache and my arm is pretty sore.  I did not get many of the things done that I wanted to today, but I do not care I got a shot! My youngest who works with sewage is getting hers tomorrow.

I have to do a lace up on a wedding dress today, as the bride just got the dress and it is too small.  When is the wedding?  Saturday!  Nothing like last minute. 

Things I need to do today:

1. get wedding dress done and steamed

2. finish laundry from trip

4. deep clean the kitchen 

5. put away Valentines and put out St Patrick things.

6. work on two other wedding dresses

7. finish enlarging a shirt for a client.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. So glad you were able to get a shot, and I hope you don't have any more reaction from it. Try to take it a little easier. Most stuff can wait except for the wedding dress

    1. Well I did not get everything done but I did a few!

  2. I have had both shots now and other than a very tender arm, red eyes and a headache had no trouble with the second shot t all.

  3. It will be awhile before I get my first shot. Harvey should be getting a call hopefully soon for his first vaxx. I just hope I have mine by the beginning of summer.

    God bless.

  4. I'm so happy to hear of my blogger friends getting the shot. We are one day closer-every day[ of getting out if this grounds hog day.

    1. Thanks and you are right this is like the groundhogs day movie...