Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday, August 1st let's deep clean!

      Okay champions of dirt and debt!  This is the official month of getting rid of junk and reselling or giving away.  School is starting, the rat race will start up again and who doesn't want a clean organized clutter free space?  Also a yard sale at the end of the month may add a few dollars to the back to school woes.  I remember trying to get three kids started for school.  I think the hardest was the year the oldest was a Senior in High School, the next on was in 5th grade and the last one was in Kindergarten.  The school supplies about put me over the edge.

    I was never really cramped for back to school clothes as my sweet Sissie would send me gift certificates or money for a first day of school outfit of their choice and then money for the basic socks, underwear, jeans, t-shirts, shoes.  Remember those years Sissie?  Thank you, my kids were always well dressed and I did not have to stress over that.

     As every room in my house is still in disaster mode, I am starting the month with just putting things back in place from all the remodeling work due to the plumbing problems.  The contractor left yesterday!  Baby Elephant helped me organize her stuff and the yard sale starts tomorrow.  I sent her off to daughter #2's house 100 miles away.  I did not want her input on the sale!  I want it gone! Mean mom.....
 Beanies that were individually bagged and stored in another container where the sewer collapsed.  They did not get wet or damaged but just smelled stale and awful, they have been febreezed and will be re bagged.
College nintendo crap I now have to find a place for, also I did go get a large coke as Mcdonalds, sorry I just was feeling sorry for myself.
 More crap for yard sale!

 Organized yard sale stuff!
 More yard sale!
 My ironing, don't tell Judy it is taking over the basement.
 Yea this is the bedroom I though I would have done, it is worse, these are yard sale books and clothes of baby elephant.
 Every trash can in the house looks like this and today is trash day, which is why I am making a dump run.
 Yes, I know this is the closet that I am supposed to organize, but I did get the dresser and bookcase in there.....


     It will take me a few days to get the house back to even keel, then I will start really cleaning.  I had hoped to do the front room this week, but that is not going to work.  I am going to do a run through of the drawers and closets for yard sale stuff and that is it.  If I can get the Master bedroom curtains up today I will be thrilled.  When I cleaned the linen closet (who could forget that Jane?)  I found a lovely cream batten berg lace duvet cover and a bed ruffle and shams.  They had been purchased at one of those 80% off sales and then another 15%, so the total spent was under $20.00  I used to fall for those sales and load up on crap I did not need, but I don't any more.  Anyway I segue, the bed ruffle is moot as I have this lovely filigree work on the bed frame I do not want to cover up. So I have enough lace left on the  ruffle to make new valances for the bedroom.  I wanted to continue this into Master bath, but do not have enough skirting.  My sister who is the Queen of taste said I did not need a curtain in the bathroom.  I have shades up and you do have to turn a corner to be in the bath.  In fact I have had people who have known me for years never go into this bathroom and are shocked that is is there.  So I am going with her advice.

     On the financial front, I did get a schedule made out for studio yesterday, I have to input it and get photo copies and do a mass mailing also contact website designer to update schedule on the web.  I went to the paper and put an add in for the next month for new enrollment. $550.00 Yikes, then onto the Moneysaver, which is a add paper that goes to every one free.  I put a new add for the month for both the studio and the shop, $336.00.  Did I have this money?  No I will put it back to the Credit card in September when all the new enrollment money comes in.  I can take this out of savings but I think I can squeak by with the fees that will come in with registrations.

     I am going to the dump, just way to much garbage with all the construction and moving B's stuff back and forth.  Then I will sweep the garage and driveway as best I can so I have a clean area for the sale.  Crap, can't forget to make a cash box.

     Out My Window: ate yellow squash and cucumbers form the garden yesterday.  It is also cooler like 87 which is perfect for me!

     So any one who wants to start the front room of the their house, let's go!  We can report back and send pictures.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Heck, just get the Yard Sale organized and out of the way before you start cleaning......that's what I'd focus on. Even if the dirty was driving me

    I'll think the good thoughts that you do well with the sale!!!

  2. You've been productive!!Can I come and buy your chairs??? I'm going to start cleaning out tomorrow. And you probably already explained that before but considering that I'm still a relatively new follower, I just have to ask-where did the nickname "Baby Elephant" come from? She's not as big as an elephant, right? Just curious :)

  3. Thanks for the kick in the pants!!! Not only was last month a high spend month...but lazy on my part all around. I sure wish I had construction going on to use as an excuse. No, just one lazy housewife. The hubs offered to do dishes, but I stated it was my job. The next day I thanked him for doing the dishes. He didn't. My 24 yr old son did. That is how bad it was...hehehe.

    Off to take pics of everything as is. The kitchen is the scariest.

    blessings, jill

  4. I need to get everything deep cleaned as well.

    Gill in Canada

  5. Oh wow, looks like a lot to do! But when I do deep cleaning, I always feel like I take control over my life again ;) Keep on rocking, Kim!

  6. I would stop for that zebra print chair - seriously! Hope your sale goes well and you get rid of lots of stuff!

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