Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday, on the road again....

     Hubby called early this morning to say I had left my cell phone in his car. Rats!  This is my only phone and customers cannot get a hold of me and neither can parents calling to sign up for dance lessons.  See when you don't put your phone next to your bed this is what happens.  One moment of laziness and you are screwed.  I need to do this every once in a while to remind me to be organized.

     I have many errands to run today as we are leaving town tonight for three days.  Insurance office, cancel paper which I tried for a month. They keep throwing it in the sprinkler. I need to cash checks and get my crap packed up.

     On a financial note we did get a call back from B's apartment and they will be sending a check.  Yoohoo!  No fighting that works for me.

     This is our last little road trip until we go to Gettysburg some time in October.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I agree that at least I also need those mishaps to remind me to be organized. I always sleep with my phone next to me and I put it on my desk right after waking up; otherwise I'll forget it. Hurray they're returning the security deposit without much bickering!

  2. I have done that with my phone on multiple occasions. Glad you don't have to fight for the security deposit. Our landlords at the first place we were at were very vindictive and I took what I could get even though I could have 'fought them' in court for the rest. They did things illegally.
    And yay for Gettysburg! My husband and I only live about 1.5hrs from there and we always go up. It's kind of 'our place'. We had our first away date there in 2005.
    Definitely recommend the 'Dobbin House' Restaurant if you haven't been before :)

  3. If you are going to G'burg you have no excuse to NOT come see me...if you are driving! And Mark and Judy for that matter....

  4. Be careful driving! Your post made me wonder how we survived without cell phones before!