Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sauturday, Yesterday was so busy!

     I ran like a raped ape yesterday!  This is my twin sister's favorite phrase.  Shop was a steady stream of customers when I got home from having my hair done.  I think maybe business is going to pick up. Also Hubby got called out on a fire.  He will be gone until at least Sunday night.  That will mean 24 hours of over time.  Fire is the only time her gets extra money extra.  But with his age, bad knees and inability to hear he cannot go out on the line anymore.  He can however run supplies and boss a camp. I can use that extra money. I will put it in the going to Gettysburg fund.

     D#2 and I went to that new movie with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones.  It was hysterical and sad and so realistic. I hated her wardrobe nasty cheap clothes all from Coldwater Creek.  I mean did they pick the worst ones on purpose?  Dumpy, Frumpy, bad color choices.  I thought their line was better.  Can' t wear the stuff myself I am too short and small.  This did nothing for the store.  If you go tell me what you think.

    Daughter #2 went through all the clothes in the bedroom and took a whole pile that are hers.  Yippee!  Getting rid of crap right and left here. Right now I am in my paint clothes, as I am going to touch up some paint up stairs.

     I love weekends where Hubby is gone and I can just do what I want.  I get so little time to just be.  It is always work, work, work.  So I feel like I have a free weekend!

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Sounds like a nice time to do the little things that somehow dont get done.
    I have a weekend without the hubby too. Its nice and quiet and relaxing with only the kids and I. Sleeping in, making bread, movies... All good!

  2. Hope you get some things done this weekend that will make you feel good about getting done. Hubby has been gone most of the day today, but kids have been crazy clingy for some reason so have not been productive. Now that Jacob and Benjamin are both napping I need to get a move on and get something done! Have a great weekend! :)