Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday, My Pig runneth over!

                                                      My Pig runneth over almost!

And I want you to know that my pig now weighs in at 29 lbs.  You can see change when you look in the money slot, I cannot wait until December to see how much she holds.  Maybe I will fill it up!
   Okay I have had my day to mess around and now I need to get back to work.  Over $100.00 worth of work came into the shop yesterday and I hope the trend continues.  Right now I am doing laundry and I plan to spend the day sewing.

     I came home to $40.00 worth of sewing checks and I just received a check from the city for uniforms that I had done.  So total of $75.00 and I haven't lifted a finger.  I love that.  I also received an e-mail from the College and it looks like the back pay I was shorted is supposed to be mailed August 31st.  I am just trying to get all these new bills paid.  I have not even started to save for next months house payment and I will need at least $500.00 by the 5th of September.  I can do this.  I am also going to call B's apartment to see where the deposit money is as we left that place spotless, they will charge us to clean the carpets. By dribs and drabs this will be done, but boy do I wish I had a money fairy.

     I will sit down and pay the rest of Augusts bills and balance accounts.  Just a few left and I want to see where I stand going into September.  September, yikes the studio will open and the stress will start.  I love my students and I love teaching, don't love the stress. 

     Went to the eye doctor yesterday and the left eye is not focusing correctly.  Like 20/50 versus 20/20.  So I am probably looking at more surgery. My depth perception is bad and I am getting severe headaches.  Are you tired of this yet because I am?

     Out My Window:  I have 4 dozen eggs upstairs and I need to make some banana bread so if it isn't too hot today I will do that. Chickens have been busy while I have been gone.

     Thought I would show you pictures of the disaster master bath, where all the tile work was done, but it is finished and I am just waiting on the shelves for the bedroom.

 Master Jacuzzi I think we use it once every other year!  We had to fix grout in several places on this even though it was never used.
Wraps around to makeup desk, this is also the window that inspired Out My Window.  I closed curtains to take picture.  See all those magnifying mirrors, STILL CAN"T SEE PROPERLY.

Wraps to Master shower.  The tiles were replaced up to about three rows above gold strip.  They are about 1/4 inch smaller but contractor lined up and I am sorry but I really cannot tell and I was not going to spend $8000.00 to re do the whole room.  Can you tell?

 Wraps to toilet and then to first sink, Hubbies sink and shoe shine kit.  See the two cans of grout spray.  This is to remind us to reseal  the first of September!

Wraps to second sink (mine) and view into master bedroom with no shelves so books every where.  This master bath is bigger than the master bedroom.  Stupid waste of space if you ask me, but we bid on the house as it would not take a bank loan and we did not buy it for this feature.
     I think it turned out well for the mess that we found when we got home.  I am just glad that it is finished.  I know that Sharon is going through the same thing with her kitchen but it will be worth it!  Trust me.

     I am off to the salt mines!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That's a very fancy bathroom, but I agree, more bathroom space than bedroom space? Not fun! My Christmas jar doesn't weigh near 29lbs... I need to keep feeding it if I want to have some Christmas spending money!

  2. I think I have some OCD in me because I couldn't leave my piggy bank to fill up and I've been rolling the coins as they accumulate. Won't have a big surprise but at least I'll have that

    The bathroom looks great and had you not said anything about the tiles being smaller, I never would have known.
    I'll take a little chunk of your master bath if you don't want it all, as ours is tiny.

  3. My piggy bank weighs about 5 lbs right now and it's pretty full. I need to get a bigger piggy :) Nice job on your bathroom. And this tub is a dream...