Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday, cleaning, okay maybe not...

          Too much going on here.    We have a had a local boy killed  in the WAR, and I don't care if we are supposedly pulling out when boys get killed over seas it is still WAR.  So I have a had a flurry of last minute Military uniforms.  These are so hard but I am almost done.  One more to go.  Also police uniforms are changing so I will be seeing a lot of blue in the next few weeks.

    Daughter #2 is down to teach a workshop for the next two days.  I love it when she is home by herself.
I went upstairs yesterday to clean and sort the front room and it was 94 degrees up there.  Sorry too hot and I won't run the air conditioner. So back downstairs I went where it is about 75 and I had three uniforms come in, so money over cleaning.

     After my marathon bill paying I still received 2 more bills yesterday.  Another doctor bills for $28.76 and an internet bill for $22.50.  I sat down and paid them.  I was not going to have a due bill in the house! I was also not going to have a mess on my desk!  See this cleaning bug is making me OCD.

     I am going to get my hair cut and colored today it is a little sooner than I normally do it but I touched up the roots with the  wrong color and I just can't fix it.  With classes starting I don't want to look like a Babba Yagga (wicked witch).

     Hubby and I went to get chicken feed last night and a few things at Wal-mart.  I paid in cash and he said it is nice to see you paying in cash again.  This last month or 6 weeks it has been checks or the CC.  I always deal in cash.  When my cash is gone I quit spending.  But we do use a CC on vacation and I pay it back when I get home.  I don't like carrying several hundred dollars in cash.  I also put all expenses due to the remodel on the CC.  I wrote checks out of savings for groceries and necessities.  It has just been so slow this last two months I have not had a cash flow.  But I think things are looking up! 

     So my goal today is to get the sewing done and clean family room, and the down stairs bedroom.  Ugh!  They are so messy!  But it will be so nice when they are done.
Here is the mess left from sending out mailers and look at that end table, what a mess!
Still have not put beanies away and I have a box of x-box cords and crap that need to find a home!
Here is the home for the crap but first it needs to be cleaned and organized! See the dust you can write your name in it!
Are you tired of the baby elephants mess? I am, this is the aftermath of the packing for college.  I told her I would put it away and any thing that she had not used by next year at this time it was going to go!
It goes on and on.
And on.......The blue doll trunk you can sort of see in there goes to oldest daughter in two weeks.  Yeah I am getting rid of crap!
Okay I will take paint cans to garage and fill dresser remove trunk hang clothes, it will be so nice!

     Out My Window:  Hot, and a cooling trend is in the forecast!

     I'm off to the races, I hope I win.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Hahaha Babba Yagga...haven't heard this word in a while! I'm glad you get more work but I'm sorry about the local soldier. War is always hard and sad!

  2. Yeah I would say money wins over cleaning anyday. It is so hard when you have a local soldier killed in the war. It is so sad. Saying a prayer for the family!

  3. I miss you my friend I have been cleaning to work through my anger...well and eating

    I will email you

  4. I miss you my friend I have been cleaning to work through my anger...well and eating

    I will email you

  5. You are nicer than I am! I would skin Anna if she left anything out of place when we move her. I'm mean.

  6. Trust me, if anyone can do it, it's you! You got all those bills paid, including two late comers. Hopefully the upstyle will make you feel better! Nothing like a fresh haircut to raise your confidence. Sorry to hear about the boy that passed away. War is always tragic for all parties involved.
    PS: I see that Udy replied? Glad to hear from her!