Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday, August 6th, back to work!

      First of all go check out Mysti's blog "Digging Out of our Mess" and wish her a happy 3rd blogiversary!  I love her blog because she is like the Velveteen rabbit, she is real!

       So those of you that have joined me on the get rid of clutter/clean challenge for August, how are you doing?  I am beginning in earnest this week and I already feel like I have been de cluttering because of all the construction in the house.  When I put something back in it's place I make sure it is a clean place.  But I am going to do all the living room drawers, cupboards and closets today, I will take a picture of all the junk I find .and a picture of all my clean spaces.

    We went to visit daughter #2, it was a nice weekend.  We stayed under budget.  Went to a Brazilian Bistro there that was very good, but expensive.  I thought it was a nice experience but I would not do it again.  We got home last night and I have a boat load of things to get done today.

     I have at least 5 big bags of donation and resell items in the garage and I and going to drop those off this morning.  I also have to get 2 rolls of stamps and envelopes, get printing done and finish mailers.  I ran out of envelopes and wanted to run some changes in paperwork by D#2 so I am mass mailing today.  I used to have her do all the secretarial stuff, I did the grunt work.  I am not really familiar with files and all the computer work that goes with this business.  It is not that I couldn't do it.  I just felt it was easier to let her do these things and I'd other things.  But every time I get something done I feel so proud of myself.  Please do not forget that I graduated in 1985 with a B.S. in Software Engineering.  But this was before PC'S had come out and I just never slowed down enough to learn anything!!!!!!

     We made about $150.00 at the yard sale.  I feel it was a bust, but I am listing all of the large furniture items on craigslist.  If they have not sold before the college starts they are going to donation.  So we will see.

     Well I had better get going as I have a long list today!

1. Get printing done
2. Buy envelopes
3.Get stamps
4. Take 2 large bags to Laura's re-sell.
5. Take 3 bags to Good will
6. Put together mass mailer
7.Mail mass mailer
8. Cut out cocktail dress for baby elephant
9. Take a load up to baby elephant's sorority and fit dress
10.  Set up August budget and pay bills( I did open the mail does that count?)
11. Clean out drawers, cupboards, closet in formal living room.
12. try to get shop in order to see what I need to do next.

     Out My Window: came home last night to 11 eggs in coop.  I have to go haunt the neigbors.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I looked at your list of things to do and did a double take at "cut out cocktail dress for baby elephant"!! Wish I had an interesting "to do" list like you!! I've started making my "back to school to do list" and it's about 50 items long so far...wanna trade?

  2. Well at least it's $150 more than you had last week, right?
    You would think with everyone hurting financially that a yard sale would be crowded with people.....I don't get it.....

  3. Thanks for the well wishes! Your to do list trumps mine today. I can't wait to see your new rooms!

    As for the yard sale...I swore I would never do it again. The amount of work that went into it far outweighed the benefits. I just take it all to Goodwill and write it off on taxes.

    So, what does Baby Elephant's dress look like?

  4. My to do list right now has 1 item: Make to do list! I think I need to further reduce my wardrobe (again!) and get rid of more paperwork. My room's really been in disarray, and it's sad I'm complaining about a single room when you gals have a whole house to worry about.

  5. I think Craigslist will work better for your furniture. We sold many of our higher priced things on Craigslist because we found that everyone who came to our garage sales wanted to pay the absolute minimum for everything (going so far as to talk us down from 25 cents to 10 cents for some things!). Good luck and congrats on the extra $150!

  6. woo hoo great work with all that decluttering!!

  7. Hi first time commenter here :) I just always smile when I see how you get things done. You are amazing! It's very inspirational really. I wish I was as organized and energetic as you are! Oh well, I figure I just keep reading and some will rub off. Kudos to you :) Karen

  8. Hello there. Have you any updates about Judy/Just Making My Way Back yet?