Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday, over planning? Not me!

     So I way over planned yesterday.  Can you beleive that?  I did not get to the bills or the cleaning up stairs.  I get a big failure, but I did get all but two things done on the list so I feel that at least I made an attempt.  I have a tendency to over plan how much I can get done in a day.  I bet you have not noticed that.

     I woke up this morning and got a phone call from my advanced ballet teacher asking me to teach her class this morning.  I ran down and taught from 9-11.  Was not planning this, so it put a crimp in my day.  Oh well that is what you get when you are the boss.

     I also have to go to my general GP this afternoon, I have been having really bad asthma attacks this last month.  I am sure it is the wheat smut from harvest and driving through the grain fields, back and forth.  It has not been this bad for years, so before I expire I thought I would go get an inhaler.

     I need to finish B's dress and I will take a picture and get bills paid today also a dress army uniform.  I hate uniforms they are very hard, but I am one of the few that does them.  So today I will make my list easier.

    Credit card bills are coming in for the remodel and they are much worse that I thought.  But I will do a reckoning when everything is in.  I decided not to stress right now.  We did what we did, I did not go overboard, it was not a planned expense and it had to be fixed.  I will get the totals and start to pay it off.  It is all I can do.  We did borrow a fixed amount of $10,000 for sewer and I still have not used it all.  When I get my reimbursement check from my eye surgery, I think we can pay off the card. 

     I plan on running back to the college this evening with B's dress and a load of her stuff.  I was supposed to take up a load last night but was lucky to get up with the dress.

 Tulip skirt, three layers and strapless boned bodice.
 Side view, will snap a picture of it when it is done.
 All of her crap in the middle of the shop.  This is the stuff she could not get into her car!

     However I must pay bills today.  I know I am in avoidance mode because we are so broke and are way over budget because of the house.  I did get all the mail opened and it was not pretty.  really I am trying not to despair.  Deep breath, (that is it, I have figured it out!, I can't take a deep breath)  Now I feel better this has all been caused by asthma.  Yeah like I wish.
 The desk covered with bills .  Sluggy, could you come and make me face this?

     Out My Window: garden is really starting to produce, but I wish the tomatoes would hurry up!   Giving eggs to the neighbors left and right.

     I am off to work,

1.  Finish dress
2. Uniform
3. Clean shop
4. general sewing
5. go to doctor
6. bills, bills, bills!
7. Take baby elephant's dress and crap to her
8. clean bank
9. collapse!

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Ok, I'll hold your hand if you want to face the desk of bills.
    But get an inhaler first....lol

  2. Inhaler is a must! Then take several deep breaths. You can do it! You can do it! Dont let the desk or bills win this month. You've seen many worse ones come and go. This one will leave too.

  3. I always over-plan. I can't even remember the last time I finished 100% on my everyday to-do list. And you had some unplanned things popping on you!