Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, should I make goals for August?

     Since I have yet to pay all the bills for July (will get there today I promise) I am a little leery to make any rash plans for August as we all know how July went over here.  I am a little gun shy.  It was going to be a no spend month after vacation the 3-8 remember?  Did I jinx myself?  I mean this is an expensive string of bad luck.
     I think bedroom will be all done today and the contractor out of the house, he just has a few more small things to do today.  I am worried about the final bill.
     The baby elephant has the day off and she is going to help me organize all of her stuff for a yard sale.  I was able to get the dresser and bookcase into the closet yesterday.  I went through all the books and found what I would keep and the then try to sell.  Also went through the bathroom things but it is never ending.
     I have a brides dress to go out today and 3 pairs of pants and 4 night gowns that need hemmed.  All by 3 o'clock.  I also need to go down to the studio this morning and get the schedule for fall classes solidified and do a mass mailing , then stop by Newspaper to put an add in for yard sale and new enrollment.

   I was so disappointed when I balanced the checking yesterday.  We only had $154.00 left and I have several small bills to pay.  I also had to spend $56.00 at the grocer.   So I will see where I stand today.  Scary.  Even though I have the $500.00 put away I will need that for the house payment.  Okay, Okay I just have to make it through the month of August.  I can do this.

Out My Window:  Beautiful and hot.

     I am off to the races, I hope I win!



  1. Kim - hang in there. You will make, this is just a set back. You are doing great.


  2. Wow, you get more done by 3 than I get done in a week! Hopefully August is kind to you, and if it is set out to be rough, then let it be rough for a few days and be done with it. Good luck with the races, and I'm looking forward to that yardsale post! Hopefully we get some cool pics.

  3. I'm crossing my fingers that you do well with the yard sale-both in bringing in extra cash AND getting rid of crap!

    And I say get right back on that goal horse for August. Just make sure it's a smaller tamer horse...lol

  4. You will make it through August, I know you will. We here survived July big time. I may add up and post all the spending we did. It is scary. We spent more in July than I believe we have(non-essentials)than in the last two years. Once we started, it just got easier. We did open a new savings account with NO ATM card. I will not walk into a bank to take money out...can not explain why. So hopefully that money will stay in there.

    Your to do list makes me tired;-) Good luck with the yard sale.

    blessings, jill

  5. Good luck on your yard sale!Hopefully, it will bring lots of plain cash! And how about making some de-cluttering goals instead of financial? :) I think now it's all about staying strong and keep afloat for you but it will get better soon.

  6. good luck and hang in there! Your talent and hard work will pull you through this!!!!