Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday, still no sink

     Well plumber #1 showed up 6 hours late and he has to have a real plumber come take a look.  He wants to tear out 2 walls (one in the new bedroom).  Plumber #2 did not show up at all.  Plumber #3 just left.  He was actually a plumber, so he told me to have Hubby take trap out from under sink and put a large bucket there.  Then I could drain into the bucket and throw it out the back door and at least do the dishes.  Now why did we not think of that?

#1  We have to fix the sink.  Plumber may be able to do this from behind the kitchen cupboards, yes there will be some tear out, a cosmetic fix.  If this cannot be done we will have to go tear out the basement.

#2 Master Bath shower must be ripped out to a certain height  and then re tiled.  The plumbing in the shower is on an outside wall which is not code.  It has to be switched to a different wall but as we are tearing out this is not a problem.  It will be expensive.  We have some other issues in this room as far as sheet rock are concerned and it has never been painted since we moved in 13 years ago.  So  I am going to get a bid and have this all done at once.  It will be cheaper than calling a plumber out repeatedly.

#3 We will have to have sheet rocking done after plumber so I will have the bedroom fixed also.  This way I eliminate having to call in a repair man twice.

#4 Plumber cannot even come back until maybe Thursday or Friday.  I will call the man who did the bedroom downstairs and get a bid on the Master bath.

     On a good note (can you beleive there was a good note?)  The shop was very busy yesterday!  I think it will be busy today also.

Out My Window:  107 yesterday, yes the warm weather is here, if I start to complain please remind me about how cold it was the entire month of June!

     I am a little anxious about my surgery tomorrow.  But this right eye is driving me crazy, so I am also looking forward to getting a new lens that is not cloudy.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oh Kim! Plumbers!! I am so lucky that we have a friend that is one! Fixing our A/C unit for a few beer and babysitting! Too bad you couldn't do dance lessons for plumbing!
    Hope your eye surgery is a breeze!

  2. Never a dull moment! And you didn't even have "dessert" last night! Good luck tomorrow.

  3. I can relate to sink issues!!! Grrrrr.... Good luck tomorrow (hugs)

  4. Well, there are times when only one or two plumbers were coming to your house for work, so that’s definitely a cause of concern because you aren’t getting anything productive from them if they aren’t there working on your plumbing system. You need to talk to them to straighten things out and plan a work schedule that will help you finish the work before the scheduled deadline. I hope your new kitchen sink gets installed and the other plumbing repairs get done soon.

  5. Ugh, do you feel like you're washing money down the drain :) So sorry. Will be praying for smooth surgery tomorrow. Hugs :)


  6. Good luck tomorrow Kim. You will do just fine and you will feel so much better! Thinking of you!!

  7. Yikes, 107? That's hot! And plumbers... yeah. Glad you had a choice. A lot of the time, we're so remote that finding one is a blessing. Hope they can fix everything soon.

  8. Wow, that is super frustrating! Hope everything gets resolved soon!! Hope your surgery went well and that you are recovering!

  9. Oh, you’ve had so many plumbing activities, some of which were almost emergencies! And you’ve had to do them yourselves. It’s definitely bad timing for those plumbers to be away. But Plumber #3 left you with a good piece of advice, at the very least. I think you could’ve made do with it while he was away. But above all these, I hope your eye surgery turned out well. How is it now? :)

  10. Sorry to hear that you had to deal with not-so-nice experiences regarding plumbers. That’s why it’s very important to develop a good working relationship with a plumber if ever you found one who you can trust. I hope you found someone and that your faucet was fixed right away.

    Lovella Cushman

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