Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday, oh yes it can!

     I guess I got a little controversial yesterday and made someone angry.  Recognized the writer immediately.  I had read her blog months ago but she shut it down, because basically we are all whining idiots.  Okay who wants to join my whining idiot club?  Sluggy you game?  Some times my inner crabby self beats up my Pollyanna self and wins for a few days.  They are still duking it out by the way.
     To add insult to injury we have to do 1200.00 worth of concrete work to our driveway.  We don't own the first 5 feet of our driveway, they are in a city right of way.  We pay the taxes and maintain it but cannot work on it with out a licensed contractor.  So no sneaking out at night to pour your own cement. Life just gets better and better around here.

I am headed off to surgery,  stay posted and I am serious about my club!  We could vote in a changing Queen and yesterday was my day to rule.  I will share my crown...



  1. Holy Moses! That's quite a string of inconvenient luck as of late. Blessing for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery.

    Life has a way of handing you a test that you must navigate. It seems to come at the most inopportune time and with the most frustrating of consequences. I can understand your frustration, anger, anxiety and resentment at having to deal with all of these things at once. I also understand how frustrating it is to feel like you've been pushed right back into the debt hole.

    Here is the thing:

    You are a vibrant, resourceful, determined, passionate, hard-working, woman. I understand the feeling that you'd like to be taken-care-of in this. Things seem overwhelming, and it would be nice if your partner did some of this heavy lifting for a while. I'm not sure how long you've been with your husband (I can't remember actually). It seems though, that the both of you have allowed the behaviour he is displaying to go on for years - you perhaps out of self-preservation, and he because of a variety of reasons. Regardless of this, it is the way of your relationship.

    Despite that, you will take a few days to deal with more pressing matters, leave this one alone and work to de-stress, de-compress, and relax a little. Then, when you've renewed your resolve, strength, and determination, you will pick up those pieces you let lay about, and set to making things right again.

    It's the kind of thing that makes you want to shake something hard. It's the kind of thing makes you want to scream and yell, break a few things, cry so hard, and enthusiastically express all of those emotions bubbling to the surface. It's also the kind of thing that, perhaps, is the very thing that you need to ask for help with.

    From the way you write, your husband and you have a relationship wherein, you deal with everything and don't ask for help, and he's complacent to let you. Perhaps it's time to ask for help.

    I know you will get through this. I know you will make a plan and execute it. I know that this will frustrate you for a while.

    You have support here - even if it isn't in the physical sense. And though some people may not present their thoughts in a constructive, respectful, helpful manner, hundreds more of us do.

    I have been following along for a long time - though perhaps not commenting often - I look to you as inspiration to pick up my socks and get going with my own stuff.

    Look out a window today, and drink in the brightness of the sun, the green of the trees, listen to hear the chirping of birds. It's ok to "stop the world and get off" for a little while. Everyone needs it. We'll be cheering you on regardless.

    Out My Window - I see squirrels chasing each other, birds singing, clouds forming, and Kim allowing herself to be human, feel and express emotions, and taking the time to recharge herself.

    1. Great comment, and I wholeheartedly agree.

      Kim - I second this!

    2. Perfectly said!! Good luck today and a big hug!!

  2. Kim,

    Don't let Morrison get to you! She's an interesting Social Science study as she constantly reinvents herself and feels the need to denigrate others.

    This difficult time must be so overwhelming; I'm sure it's hard to see a positive outcome. But you are strong and this will not defeat you. A lot of people are praying for you. Take care!


    1. I agree with Marcia. I will join the Whine Club too. Hang in there we are all on your side and praying for you.


  3. I second Finding My Way! And glad to see your wonderful sense of humor is up and running :)

    I vote you get to keep the crown as long as you need it.

    May your surgery be successful and your recovery complete.

  4. I so feel for you Kim! I have those days where I am so tired of being the one who has to work and take care of everything. There are days I have those exact same thoughts: I just want someone to take care of me for a change!

    I'm so sorry everything is happening all at once and you are so overwhelmed. Ignore that annoying poster - you are the one living your life and walking in your shoes and it's your blog to say what you want about it.

    Good luck on your surgery.

  5. You have had such a pile of stuff going on that I think you pretty much deserve to be able to shout if you want to. Go right ahead, the world can take it.

  6. I love my inner crabby self. (I call her something much more explicit). Every once in a while you need to let her pound the crap out of something or she explodes! You are more than allowed, everyone is. Since we live all over the place our blogs are a healthy place to let it out since we can't get together for coffee. Most of us are very like minded.
    I hope that the second eye goes well too for you. And if you want to wear the crown until your driveway and sewer lines are done...I say you can!

  7. I didn't read yesterday's comments, but when you described the commenter I had a guess who it was.

    Sometime you just gotta whine and bitch. Or do what my Mom does. Wait til it's almost time for bed. Call one of you children. Unload all of your problems on them then announce that "now you feel better that it's off your chest". Go get a good night's sleep while your child stays awake all night worrying about you.

  8. Can I join the Whine (and Cheese?) club? I am not at a super whine point, so I am happy to hold of on the crown for the moment....knowing I can have it later.

    Long live the WCC club!

  9. I hope your surgery comes out well. And I will definitely join your club. Sometimes I have to remind myself to post something nice on my blog instead of complaining about things all the time! But I figure the blog is cheaper than therapy :)

  10. While I do try to stay positive....... a whine club would be nice from time to time LOL. I think we all have moments when a negative crab fest is the only thing that will do. Hope things settle down for ya soon, I can so relate to a whole string of things seemingly going wrong.....those are times when I seek out laughter all that much harder as I discovered I would rather laugh than cry :)

    It will all work out Kim, trust in that!

  11. I find you very inspirational. I'm sorry that your husbands behavior is as such. I personally believe that you deserve better. I understand that your relationship is your business & maybe a bigger picture than what we know but I personally wish you could have bigger expectations of your husband & that he could up his game. I personally wouldn't tolerate such complacency. But I'm not in your shoes only concerned for you. I completely disagree with the nasty commenter yesterday. I think you deserve a lot of good from everyone.