Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, who made this mess?

       I could ask myself this on so many levels.  Who made this mess?  My house is a wreck.  I mean a wreck.  I know this is due to just getting home from vacation with laundry, sand, cooking boxes, sand, camp/beach stuff sand.... and then at least 8 plumbing problems 2 of them major.  So the time I should have spent putting away and cleaning, I spent dealing with plumbers and crying and feeling sorry for myself. 

     I had a plan of attack for the plumbing by Wednesday, but I also had a cataract removed, enter double vision, and no and I mean no depth perception.  Contractor came Thursday (the day the house keeper comes) and she got two big buckets of water and the contractor shut off the water for the day.  Because we were on vacation the week before there was a two week accumulation of dust, dog hair, cat hair, us, sand, sand, sand.  Well those buckets were soon full of filthy water and useless and she continued through the rest of the house with window cleaner and prayer. So it is a little grimy.  I do not expect this woman to put anything away, just clean surfaces and change beds.

     I catered a party for a friend's birthday (yesterday).  It was lovely and went off without a hitch I just ate too much.  Started cooking on Friday which was interesting with my eyes not tracking together.  A lot of Popeye going on in that kitchen.  I tried to clean as I went but it is still such a  mess.  Between suit cases,camping gear, coolers, the baby elephants crap (everywhere) walls torn up, backed up laundry and now serving pieces and crystal, and silver, and china all over the very dirty kitchen, I just want to stay in bed! 

     I realize that this is a personal finance blog and I should be talking about my ever enlarging debt, but first I have to dig out (sorry Mysti) of my filthy disorganized house!

     I hopped out of bed (okay I slunk) when the neighbor rang the doorbell at 9 p.m.  Yes, me sleeping until 9 p.m.  He delivered a big basket of apricots, yeah!  I love apricots but now I have to do something with them in a kitchen that the health inspector would condemn. I started to look around and realized I could not longer use the water excuse to live like a rat.  I have the master bed and bath cleaned, the spare bath cleaned, I have organized and swept the spare bedroom and am in the process of changing the sheets.  I have started the laundry even though I still need to address the plumbing in the laundry room.  I can do a load of laundry and then mop up the little bit of water that leaks. Called roto rooter and they will have a guy out here between 2-4 to clean out the drains to the sewer. I put away all vacation crap, unclogged the very badly clogged vacuum and  I am on a roll. I can no longer feel sorry for myself as my house falls down around me.

     The shop has been crazy busy today and I have a ton of work to do in the next two days besides cleaning this mess up. I should be so grateful right Judy?  I am.  I am truly grateful.

     1.I still need to finish the spare room.
     2. Put away all serving ware.
     3. Clean Kitchen.
     4. Vacuum rugs upstairs.
     5. finish laundry

     Out My window:  It is much cooler and we have had more rain, but that nice summer rain that cools things off.  Chickens laid 6 eggs in neighbors yard. Naughty birds.

     I have 6 shirts to tailor in the next 2 hours so I had better run.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Wow, you've been busy today! I think, a little mess is OK with everything that's happening right now.Don't beat yourself up about it!

  2. Well you did more today then I did all week!!!!!

    And yes you have much to be grateful for :)

  3. Expect a mess when there are plumbing problems to be fixed. And you were on a two-week vacation too? I could only imagine your reaction at the accumulated dirt when you returned. I hope you survived all the reorganizing, scrubbing, and disinfecting then. Bo @