Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday, What financial goals?

     With all the hoopla and water disasters around here I have been barely hanging on to my sanity.  Where did August go?  I still have bills to pay and have never written out an August budget.  I just remembered that I have to have $500.00 in cash to help pay the house payment on the 1st or at least by the 5th.  I have not even thought of this!  Yikes.  So just ran in and did an assessment.  I have $120.00 cash in my purse.  I have 2 Wedding dresses to be picked up that will bring in $180.00.  I have uniforms to be picked up today $140.00  and Misc. things that total about $80.00, so I have made it without really putting my concentration there. Whew!  I need to pay closer attention, what has been distracting me?  I also filled both cars with gas this week using cash from the shop and wasn't that the plan?  Remind me of the plan.......

     Here is a small example of why I need to start a cleaning/organizing marathon in August.  Several people are joining me.


Why is this mess here?  Because it is a flat surface.  Could I use this iron to say press pillow cases or cuffs?  No because it is covered with crap!  I do beleive everyone hangs painters tape off of decorative hooks don't you?

Here is another great example:

     These are linens from daughters college apartment.  Do I have a place to put them?  No.  Do I have a linen closet right now? No.  It has been torn up to get into the back of the shower on the guest bath.  I will try to remedy that today. What a mess. As this was the first load down I beleive it will get deeper,

     Out My Window:  Warm in the low 90's, ate cucumbers and squash from garden last night.  Yum.

I love you sissie!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Glad you have some extra cash coming in, Kim! :) I cleaned up the girls playroom's DONE!!! Yay!! lol!

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