Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday, time to clean!

     Sewer men were here all day yesterday, it was super hot 107 and then we had a rain storm like I have never seen here before.  About 2 inches in 30 minutes.  Their work area was a muddy mess, the hole they had dug filled with water to one of the mens chest and was climbing so they had to pull him out.  This put them really behind and the concrete man was rained out so we have 2 big old holes that are heaped with gravel in the driveway waiting to be compacted and they will do the pretty work sometime next week.  The tile work is already laid for the shower it has to set for the weekend and will then be grouted.

     Hubby and I are taking the old toilet to a habitat store and then we are going to do a dump run. Trying to clean up some of the mess from this construction.  We also have to take all the pictures off the walls and put everything under cover in the master bedroom, the painting should start on Monday. So things are rolling along here.
     I did get into the shop yesterday and cleaned the desk, what a lot of work.  I threw away at least a large trash can of just crap.  Then I cleaned and wiped down all the corners where the water leak was and now I have piles to go through and file.  I am going to pay bills today.  I also need to get a few groceries, mostly fresh fruit and lunch meat.

     I also really cleaned the shop yesterday and it is so nice I actually enjoy going in there.  But I hate to admit this Judy the ironing has taken on a life of it's own!  Again!  SO I will try to address that today.  I was able to get quite a bit of sewing done yesterday and I have enough to keep me busy next week, but I still am not as busy as I would like.

     Baby Elephant and I went out last night to try and fill her list for Rush at her sorority.  We had it all done in about 4 hours.  She needed white Keds, black v-neck t-shirt, white v-neck t-shirt, white shorts, pastel cocktail dress, nude flats, black sandals, black heels, Fire engine red cocktail dress, pearls.  We ended the evening at Macy's in the shoe department and she said I can't believe we are done, most of my sisters have been worrying about this for months and I am done in one evening.

     Well I pointed out to her she is a size 0 and has a size 6 foot.  So all those sizes are readily available on  super clearance sale prices.  We purchased her a designer pink cocktail dress for $19.00 and shoes to match at TJ MAXX.  But she can wear an extra small.  I am making the Fire Engine red dress.  Pattern at Jo-Anns 99cents and red fabric for $13.00.  I have the boning and thread and zipper.  She is done.  I don't think she realizes how blessed she is to have a super great body and a mommy with an eye for a bargains that can sew.

     Baby elephant has a funeral today for a high school friend that committed suicide,  So sad.  What would make a young person with their whole life ahead of them lose all hope?  I know this young man lost his father as a young child and then his mother to breast cancer in high school.   Just a tragedy.

     Well I need to get my but in gear and get the junk out of the garage and then start the ironing pile.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. your dd is very lucky to be that small, and also very lucky to have you as a mum.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Wow you sound busy as ever! One of these days it is my hope that you will have a weekend with absolutely NOTHING to do!! Good luck to your daughter with rush week!

  3. Never a quiet a moment! What color is your bedroom going to be?

    I am sorry for your daughter's loss. Tragic.

  4. Having a frugal Mom who can sew is truly a blessing! My Mom made all my prom dresses and even my and my sisters' wedding dresses! It's awesome! I wish I could sew like her. The most I can do is a pencil skirt :( I'm sorry about your daughter's friend. It's really sad.

  5. I have three small-size daughters (same size as your daughter) and I agree, it is very easy to find things for them on the sale racks. Except for jeans - those we have to spend the $$ for to get ones that fit. One daughter is a 00 but tall, so is exceptionally hard to fit. I might have been a 0 for about 10 minutes when I was in the fourth grade. I used to make all my own clothes, but let it go and don't even have a machine now. I wonder if sewing is like riding a bicycle - maybe you don't forget?

    Sending wishes for peace for your daughter, and for the family of your daughter's friend.