Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday, plan of action

     I am really tired of the constant uproar in my life, so I need to devise a plan that will help me get out of this funk, both spiritually and physically.  In years past (but not recent) I used to take the month of August and systematically go through my house, room by room and drawer by drawer.  I would throw out and donate, really deep clean.  This helped keep the place more organized and easier to take care of throughout the year. Because we have so much going on right now in the house, with everything torn up and stuff piled every where I have really noticed the junk and muck. 

     Remember the challenges that Carla had at the beginning of the year, well I am going to start a challenge the beginning of August.  Who wants to join me?  I am going to start with my front room and every drawer and closet and cubby hole.  This room is not used much, but as I am a stuffer, the closet and drawers are sure to be full of crap!  I am going to systematically go through this dungeon and by the time the studio starts, it will sparkle!  Anyone up for the challenge? Complete with before and after pictures.

     Besides getting a really clean and decluttered environment I will feel more in control, like I am actually doing something to  make my life better besides having disasters right and left.  I realize that financial goals are backward but I am not going to dwell on this and will face the new numbers in September.  I can do this (like I have any choice):)

   So here is to a cleaner house and a better environment.   Less clutter, less stress.  More free time to concentrate on getting out of debt.  More free time to develop a positive attitude and a renewed debt payoff strategy.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm in! I start holidays next week. The plan - in addition to studying my butt off for my exam - is to do the same thing!

    August will see a more clutter free, spiritually clear, organized home!


  2. I might be in...I need to get rid of some stuff. Not sure if I have anything picture worthy but I want to get rid of at least 50 things. Do you think you can sell some of your stuff on Craigslist? That might help to bring a few dollars in.

  3. Im in. I need to get clutter out before school/work begins again :)

  4. Clutter... the BF is a freaking pat rack! He needs to 'de-clutter'!

  5. I really do not have much, but as I am seriously contemplating a more minimalist lifestyle I definatly have more than I truly need AND with 6 people and a dog in 750 square feet.....I really need a minimal of belongings so I am in!

    Funny as I just posted on my Homeschooling Housewives blog that it was a great time to use this last week of July getting rid of all the homeschool stuff of last year that has either become junk, done being used or just something we will not use! So I am starting with homeschool stuff this week but am game for the rest of my stuff for AUGUST!

  6. I'm really in. I've been looking at some things that I keep thinking to myself: "I should get rid of this later... maybe if I dont need it in a few more months I will."

  7. Awesome, Kim! I'm in the same mindframe right now... i'm focusing on the girls playroom right now as it's a disaster area... ugh! Need to tidy up my sewing area as well, but that's mostly just a bit of organizing.