Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday, putting things off!

     Okay, okay my pity party is over, who wants to wear the crown?  Since my last two weeks have been a blur and the first week we were on vacation, I can say it is now the 20th of July and I have not looked at the budget.  Just wallowing in my beer and I don't even drink.  Maybe that is the problem?  I need to clean off the desk and pay bills.  How about open the mail?  I need to be reimbursed by our medical savings and I need to see why the car insurance company has not reimbursed me for a towing charge.  Maybe balance an account or two.

     Or I could just sit in limbo waiting for the next surgery.  But alas, the shop is calling me and it is a disaster.  I just need to dig out and organize. I have a few pairs of pants to hem and a Wedding dress to alter.  TODAY.

     All of the holes are patched downstairs, the new toilet is set and and the sink has a new faucet, all handicap usage.  Plumber will be over to do tub today!  Yeah a tub I can turn on and off that does not drip constantly.  He will also put up three handicap tub and toilet bars today.

     I have backhoe out front tearing up the concrete as I write.  They should be done with that tomorrow. Still have not chosen paint for bedroom to cover up sheet rock patches, so will get hubby to help me with that today!

    We are very broke here and I need a day of reckoning,  it will not be pretty.

Out My Window:  106 yesterday and very hot.  I am glad that my shop is in the basement.

Looking forward to getting all this work done and people out of the house. I also need to update my debts.  I am usually so excited to do that, but because I have gone so far backwards I don't want to see it in print.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. sending {{{HUGS}} it won't be as bad when you get too it all,


  2. No drinking :) I know it's hard right now but you are strong and so inspiring. I know you can do it. Praying for you. Have a productive day! I hope you have tons of work in your shop in the next few months!

  3. Atta girl!! Put your head down and plow through!! When it's done and the dust clears and you can see out of both eyes at the same time I really really hope that the debt isn't that bad. You will make it, just like you always have. You are very inspiring!

  4. I admire the fact that you always survive whatever life throws at you!!!!! You will make it through this just fine because you have no other choice and because it's what you do. You fall back, regroup and attack again.

    May the next months find you with plenty of work in your shop and no leaks in your home!!!