Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, so much to do

     Spent the weekend helping the baby elephant clean out her college apartment.  It seems like yesterday when we were moving her up there.  All that work undone!  But I hope her experience this year will be better.  I went up and met her last Thursday evening and took down a load in my Subaru.  She had been packing for two days so it was pretty organized.  Daughter # 2 came down from Northern Idaho and met me at the apartment at 10 in the morning Saturday and she took a bunch of things for her apartment including the TV.  My goal was to not have to rent a storage unit.  We loaded up the to Subaru's and cleaned all the cupboards, fridge, stove, bathroom, windows, shelves nooks and crannies and then moved everything into the front room that was left.  I drove back home and we unloaded and then took the Subaru and the Pickup Truck up and loaded the bed and dresser and shelf, we vacuumed and turned in the keys!

    So Now I am faced with this:

 I will store a bookcase and a dresser in a walk in closet in downstairs bedroom .  The dresser in hard wood bought by my parents 60 years ago and the drawers are lined with cedar, the book case was made by Hubby.  We took the year old Queen Mattress and box spring to a friends basement.  They have live in help and needed a mattress for hospice help.  Perfect we don't have to rent a storage and someone will be grateful to store mattress.

 However the closet I wish to use looks like this, so I will need to clean and organize first!

 This is the bathroom off the bedroom with all her crap, we will go through this and keep what is needed!

This is the garage!  We will have a yard sale on Thursday !  Zebra print anyone?

 But first I will have to clean driveway!  It is gross.... from sewer backup and junk...
Wouldn't you just love to be my neighbor?  Sharon... Sharon... Sharon? I hate it when my driveway looks like this!

     So you can see that I have my work cut out for me today, on top of sewing, helping contractors work on Master Bedroom and  paying the rest of July's bills.

    Out My Window: Warm and beautiful , supposed to get cooler, I mean in the low 90's

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Wow, you all got it done done. Kudos for no moving-out crisis! Your garage and driveway STILL look better than my parents' garage... Good luck organizing the rest!