Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday, you are not going to believe this...

     I went in to surgery yesterday, but instead of going into the surgery center they took me back to an office to see the surgeon and a few others.  My eye doctor who I had seen Tuesday morning had faxed them a scathing note about my close up vision.  Well come to find out they had put the wrong lens in my eye!  This was due to the lasic I had about 3 years ago.  So they re did the original surgery.  Popped out the old (one week old) lens and put in another.  Yeah me.  Now I still have to go back next week for the second eye.  I am a little despondent about this.

     Just a little too much going on right now and it all seems to be bad.  I am grateful for my eyes, but what a pain, both emotionally and physically.

     Hubby and I went to Credit Union yesterday and took out $10,000 signature loan.  I actually made hubby figure out what we would do.  When he came home Tuesday, I just said, I was not going to make any decisions and have them be my fault.  We could sit in sewage.  He then realized that we would have to go and borrow money.  He added up the work we had already agreed to and then put a buffer on because so much of what we are facing is unknown.  He also said it looks like we will be paying on the house one year longer.  Well yes glad you figured that out.

     Contractor came yesterday and started shower demolition.  He also has put all the sheet rock back and is coming back today to sand and patch a little more and then paint.  He will also start to tile today.  I might have all this done by next week!  It will be so nice to have it behind me, although I will live with the money issues a long while.

     So on  a more positive note:  These are the things that I will gain out of this fiasco...

1. I will no longer have to have the sewer line snaked every 6 months at the cost of $180.00 per episode.
2. Drains that actually run in the house and don't back up all the time.
3. A newly painted master bedroom and bathroom. Also all the sheet rock problems done.
4. New fixtures in the spare bath that I can turn on and are handicap accessible.
5. Downstairs bath repainted
6. New sewer line that will add to the re-sale of the house.
7. Drive way will be fixed so lower cars don't hit bottom when they come up.

      All this happiness and more with say abut $10,000.  Takers?

     Out My Window:  Hot, but cooled down by thundershowers.  We have way more rain in the northwest than usual.  As the Mid west scorches.  I need to weed the entire yard, but that is not going to happen for a while.  Just too lazy and my eyes don't and won't track together until the other surgery is done!  I wonder what excuse I could use after that.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. That is so scary about your eye surgery! Holy moly. It sounds like if it didn't happen now, you would have to fix your plumbing in the future. Glad you will get all that new stuff out of it. You'll have it paid off before you know it! POSITIVE VIBES being sent your way!! :)! Hang in there!!

  2. I hope they aren't charging you anything to fix their lense mistake? Just when you think nothing more can go wrong, huh? ;-)

    And if you look at the snake the drain savings.....that $10K is equal to 58 snakings so after NOT paying for that for 28 Years, it will have paid off taking out that loan just on the drain fixes. it doesn't sound much better

  3. Jeez when it rains it pours!! I hope next week is much better for you. On a happy note, it sounds like your house will be much better after all of the work is done!

  4. I would say its better to get it done then to snake the pipes twice a year. I cant believe they that with your surgery though...I would be so angry