Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday, got up late!

Personal $3.12
Studio $24.54

CC used at Walmart for $59.16 for Studio electronics.  Will add to payment.  I always put electronics on CC as they are titchy and the CC has a much better return policy.

     The last day of January.  I have done great with my goals.  But it is only one month.  Jury duty is over!  Because I was not called in I go into a pool to be called again within 2 years.  When you live in a small community you are constantly up for grabs.

     I got up late and I am behind.  Still have a wet head.  I have a costume to complete in the next three hours so I had better get hopping.

     I have $770.00 in the house account right now and more to come so I am feeling a little better about February.

     My Sissie is coming at the end of February and I think my animals know it.  They are getting excited especially the cats.  Rucifee actually hissed and batted at me this morning and said in cat "Where is Sissie",  and then I think he added," you old hag", under his breath.

     I am off to the salt mines.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Haha. I'm sure your cats love you. Rucifee, what a cute name.

  2. Kim, you rocked it with the no cc use this month! WAY TO GO!!!! This is good momentum you are building...Keep it up!