Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday, house work blah!

16 days without using a CC!
studio checking $4374.12
personal checking -$186.99

      I swear all I did yesterday was sew on military patches and uniform patches.  I hate patches all most as much as I hate zippers, but alas it is my life.  I am caught up in the shop which is almost unheard of so today I will clean my house which is sadly in need of attention.

     I have not had a house keeper since the 2nd week of December.  Putting up all the Christmas decorations and taking them down did allow me to really clean, but since I haven't  moved anything around for about 2 weeks things are pretty dusty.  I did get all the floors done last Saturday evening and all the beds changed but the kitchen and bathrooms need love.

     I was thinking of putting $64.00 a week into a savings account labeled house account.  That is what I paid the housekeeper to come in for 4 hours a week.  I would then use this money for vacations and road trips.  I would pay myself to clean my own house.  We will see.  It would be an incentive to stop whatever I am doing and get the housework done as I love to put money in savings.  It makes me happy.

     I have a rib roast that has plenty of meat left over on it including the bone so I am going to make a big pot of beef barley soup while I clean today.  Yum.

     Hubby is out of town today so he will be home late tonight.  I am so glad we don't have to clean the bank tonight.  It is not hard, I am just sick of having one more thing to do once I leave the studio. Whine, whine it does help with expenses and is helping us use money for debt so I need to quit complaining.

     Well I am off to take a hot bath, and get to the house work.

Out My Window: Sunny! beautiful cold winter day.  Makes me wish I was skiing.  It has been overcast and dull for a week.  It is so nice to wake up to sunshine. Also January is 1/2 over Hooray!
Have a great and productive day!



  1. Paying yourself for cleaning the house sounds good, instead of just sending the money into some void-fund. Glad you're all caught up and have a day for less-stressful work. Enjoy!

  2. How are you feeling physically since you got rid of the housekeeper? Would you consider a monthly service for the deep cleaning, and doing the rest yourself (and paying yourself for that!)?

  3. Wow your checking account totals are looking much better than just a few weeks ago. Great job not using the credit card!!

  4. Kim my only concern is your health in getting rid of the housekeeper. Could you have someone come in ever two months or so just to do the heavy work. You know us..we worry