Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday, off my wagon

Day 17  Credit card use 1 time paid in full.
Studio checkbook $4743.16
Personal -$186.12

     I ordered about $250.00 worth of fabric for tablecloths and napkins for my mothers 80 jubilee that will take place on March 3rd of this year.  We are having a tea party at the hotel where my fathers 80 Jubilee was held.  Each of the 3 daughters and 6 granddaughters will go home with a table cloth and napkins from the party to remember their grandmother.  Problem:  When we started planning this (the mother) had a vision of so many tea party themes.  High English, Alice in Wonderland, Country Cottage,....  she waffled all over the place.  So I in my get it done mode I ordered all of this fabric that she liked in different flower themes and it is hideous.  I found out because I ordered 3 yards or more I can take it back and I will.  But I needed to reorder 27 yards of shabby chic florals.  I put $224.24 on my CC last night.  I also wrote a check and mailed it to the CC company this morning along with my payment.

     I guess what I am getting at is that I cannot in running this sewing business and the studio avoid using a CC.  I will have to for costumes and supplies.  But I do not want to go further into debt.  As long as I have the money to pay for the fabric does this really count against my totals?

     It was so nice yesterday to putz around the house.  I really cleaned the kitchen and the fridge.  Made a big pot of prime rib soup with left overs from the fridge.  Made a huge tossed salad with all the veggies I found.

     Today I am going to go to the fabric store, put away two big baskets of laundry and get the ironing caught up.  I could really give the family room a once over and straighten the shop a little.  For all of you that are worried about me giving up the house keeper  and working too hard.  Don't, I am lazy by nature and will hire someone if it gets too deep!

     Out My Window:  Cold and overcast today, we still have snow on the ground.  Which is unusual for us to keep it this long.  I bet the golfers are fit to be tied.

     Have a great a productive day.



  1. I dont think it counts against your debt at all since it's not like your running out and buying it for fun without any way to pay for it.

    And I think your right. I can't see a way that you could run a dance studio and a sewing business with out a credit card. Plus you are paying them. Realistically your supplies need to be ordered on line or require a deposit so you are going to keep needing the card.

    The difference is you have a different mindset now. Paying off debt is important but I don't make your life and business more difficult because you are thinking you have to get rid of the credit card. I hope this makes sense..I took a migrain tablet so I guesse I will find out later if I make sense

  2. Good job to pay it off right away. If you have the money in your business checking to pay for it, can't you put it on a debit card? We have both a debit card and a credit card for the company I work for.

  3. As long as you have the money to pay for it and pay it right away I dont think it counts as using a credit card. 27 years of fabric--that is A LOT of table cloths!

  4. I agree - if you have the money to pay it off (and do, in fact, pay it off), it's not accumulating credit card debt, which is the goal.

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