Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday, the New Year begins!

     Having a hard time getting started today.  Studio opens at 4 p.m.  I need to balance accounts as I have not done that since before Christmas and that was a good plan for me.  It kept me honest and broke! I was always behind but at least knew where I was.   I slept better last night as I did not sleep at all New Years Eve.  Hubby is still sick. I think he needs to go to the doctor, but that is his choice.

     I have already received my accountants appointment but have not looked at it as I am in denial and know I have to get the tax stuff started.   I am also on Jury duty this month and forgot to call in this morning, but so far have not been arrested.  What a pain, must remember to call in tonight.  This is going to be a long month!

     Okay I have given this a lot of thought and I am in a quandary.  I feel much like Mysti in that, the satisfaction I get from completing a goal does not out weight the disappointment I feel when I don't complete a goal.  Now I am not like this in other areas of my life only in financial areas.  Probably because I struggle and have struggled forever with this problem.  I feel like such a failure.  Now saying this one might think I do not like goals and I do.  I really think they are important, but I always over plan my time and I ALWAYS over plan the amount of money I will have to pay back debt.

  My 2012 goals were to:

Pay off the CC debt. ( I did this and racked t right back up again) Sewer collapse and remodel just got out of hand.  I got out of hand.  Family problems with sick mother and brothers crisis meant for many unexpected expenses.  Now I could have said no, but I did not.

Pay off the truck loan by June 2012  Fail still owe 13,000.00 something, now where did I think this money was coming from?

Pay off the car by Christmas 2012 Fail still owe 13,000.00 something.  Where is realism in my life goals?

     Now in my defense I did save quite a bit of money last year and I did make progress on my bills.  We still saved 10% of our income, paid a full tithe to our church, paid cash for B's school expenses.  We also cut back on our work.  I quit coaching drama and we gave up our bank income in June. That is about $10,000 in income we would have had for debt payoff, but I think I made the right decision.  I was just working too hard.  I think I make better decisions with the money I have left, I am forced to budget better and pay attention.  We just do not have any extra and I needed extra and okay I will admit it wanted extra. 

     So this year I really just want to make it a goal not to use the credit card at all.  I realize it will get used for travel and studio costumes and supplies but then I must have the money to pay it back and  do it.

     I also want to pay off at least the truck this year.  It would be great to do it by June but I will be thrilled to do it by next December.  It would just be so nice not to have that payment in the summer when the studio is not bringing in any money.  Although I was very successful this last year in saving for my summer expenses.

Out My Window:  Cold and sunny!

Still in the thinking mode  But I loved Sluggies post a few days ago.  How much I would have if I had no debt.  Even just having the house would be an amazing amount of money.  She gives me hope.  She is also great about not cutting you any slack and she is right about not looking back.  Go forward.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. The only point at looking at what you did before is to learn from it.
    No wallowing in it allowed. ;-)

    Maybe since you eat an elephant one bite at a time, you might want to take your financial goals monthly or quarterly instead of setting up huge honking yearly goals?
    Would this help you be more successful? Think about it.

  2. I so wish you lived closer....I think we would be great friends. :)

  3. I don't think you were a failure and I think you made some smart decisions (like cutting back on work - it wasn't good for your health). I think smaller goals are a good idea, too. Maybe you want to pay off a certain amount on the truck every few months? If you make it a doable goal and you reach it, you will be able to count it as a win. I'm a list maker, too, and I rarely hit all my goals. But at least they're there to remind me what's important. Happy New Year!


  4. I wonder, when you made the two goals to pay off the cars, did you have a plan that didn't come to happen, or did you try just to get it done by all means possibles? Goals can be very off-putting and discouraging, but if you can map a plan to get it done ("every month, we'll save $50 for X plan"), you can get it done or come very close to it. I myself enjoy goals, but if you don't, don't despair! A lot of people do a lot better just moving along life trying to make lifestyle changes overall ("save x amount" or "eat out less") instead of striving for goals at the end of the calendar year! You still did fantastic, considering all the challenges!

  5. 2012 seemed like a tough year for many people. I think 32013 will be much better. I think just completing one of your goals in a year (ie pay off the truck) would be a huge accomplishment! Good luck in the new year :)

  6. I think it was good decision to cut back on work, your health is much more important. You've been working hard already. Just think about that: if you were working too much, probably it would be too much for your health and then you would have to pay medical bills and were unable to work towards your goals. I believe it's always better to work slow and steady and be sure abut your future success rather than taking so much risk. I wish you all the best in 2013 and good luck with your goals. I know you can do that! :)

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