Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, don't want to face the day

day 11 still no CC debt!

     Okay things are a bit messed up here.  Trying to get D#3 off to college and got behind on sewing.  So had to catch up and I am still behind. Ugh!  Did get the studio done and it is totally organized and the floor is even re-taped in the small studio. That has not been done since last spring so I have made strides there.

     I was able to get 4 dresses out for ball this weekend, but I have a zipper and a horrible full dress blue Marine uniform to do today.  They are so hard and taxing.  Both ballasts went out with in a day of each other in my sewing shop.  So I was just sewing with the light over my machine.  I felt like I was in a cave.

     We went to a funeral yesterday morning and then I came home to alter dresses and hubby replaced the ballasts for me now I can see the whole shop.  But do I really want to?

     I have not been able to do any bookkeeping or even deposit this week.  So my goals today are to straighten my desk and get the accounts balanced.  I still have not opened my accountants letter to get the date I have to have my taxes ready.  Usually it is the last week of January.  I still want to be in La-la land.  But today I must do it, sob, crap,splat!

     So far I have not had jury duty, I have to call back next Sunday so that means I have made it almost 1/2 way though the month!

     Last night I noticed a sore spot on my left wrist.  This morning it is terribly inflamed both hands were hard to open and close so I am a little discouraged as I thought maybe just maybe I would go into remission.  I am going to double my meds this morning.  Damn, double damn!

     Hubby and I have another funeral tomorrow up at the University.  So tomorrow is full.

Out My Window:  It has been above normal but we have a cold front moving in.  Days are getting just a little longer and chickens are laying a few more eggs.

     I am in a mood where I just don't want to face the day, have you ever felt that way?

Have a great and productive day!  Kim get to work......



  1. But hey, being busy means you don't spend money, right? :)I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Having on of those days today - except I know it's because of this cold and I just want to go home and sleep until it's gone.

    Congratulations on the zero CC spending so far! Keep up the good work!

    Question: Can your sewing machine do outdoor canvas?

  3. on those sort of days it's best not to do anything in my humble opinion.....well other than eat chocolate!!


  4. Congrats on the no spending--you are almost half way through the month!!

  5. Kim this is when I come in and say in my best "Udy" voice. You need a break! You need some rest! As you know we can both tell when the other is over doing it and you my dear are on total OVER DO! I know you have to finish up the dresses and dress blues but then I command that you take at least 24 hours off or so help me I will get Sluggy and Jane and we will come up there and staple your hiney to a chair...yes I said hiney

    1. Okay, okay so the dress blues are sitting on the sewing machine and I am going to spend the evening watching the big bang theory I have the boxed set. Thank you for the warning. gosh....... i am a little afraid of you guys!

  6. ^ Listen to Udy... your hands need a break. Can someone else do your books, so at least that's out of your list? I think you need to reduce your sewing for a while... a bit of money here and there from orders is nice, but not if it causes you to get sick or makes sewing painful. Reeeeest! Feel better.

  7. You are right I have been running with scissors. Next week will be better.

  8. See Tanners on board...that means two of us to hold you down and two to staple. Be very very afraid!