Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday, another funeral...

Day 11 without charging!

     Well I took Udy's and Tanners advise and took the night off.  I actually watched TV and read a book.  I slept until 9 am and now I am going to get ready for a funeral which will take place at 2 a.m.   We will go up to the University and pick up D#3 take her to lunch and then all go together.  I am going to do some shopping at Winco while we are up there.

    I did everything in my shop except the dress blues, but I got a ton of new Uniforms yesterday.  No rest for the wicked.  I am a little excited as I have no where to put this money and it will be able to go into the emergency fund or to pay one of a couple small bills I have.  I do have a good chunk of money to throw toward debt just holding on so I don't disappoint myself.  I also don't want to over pay and then have nothing to fall back on.  I am so good at that!

     I did get all the deposits done the house payment made and several bills paid.  But I am still not caught up in the checking account.  I hope to have totals by Monday but I may just lay around tonight:)  Judy will come get me if I don't and I might just get used to this lay around life style.

     My accountants appointment is for the 28th so I have some breathing room.  I did get the desk cleaned off and all rec'ts from this new year separated out from the pile for last years, so now I will empty the files and start over.  I hope to redo my file system so it is easier to file.  Like a color for the shop. A color for the studio and a color for personal and then maybe alphabetize?  Amazing I just figured this out.....  Okay, okay usually I try to just get things labeled and jumbled into the files.  I think if I slow down I would save time.  But why change years of bad habits?

     I need to go clean up, put on my black wool suit, pull out my wool coat as it will be very cold in Moscow.

Have a great weekend!  Relax, enjoy!



  1. Glad you took some rest. You sound a lot better. I think that file system is definitely something worth trying; or 3 different bins that you (or someone else) organizes once a month into however they need to be broken down (bills, income, receipts?). Good luck.

  2. Taking a rest is the secret to success, I'm convinced. I always come back feeling invigorated & ready to tackle the world.