Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday, still thinking

Day 3 no CC debt for 2013 

   School is still out in many of the districts surrounding us so even though our district started we  had many gone from dance last night.  But they will come dragging in next week.  So glad I did not spend every cent in the studio account as I had to do payroll.

     Hubby came to the studio last night and hung another 2 bar racks from the ceiling of the costume loft.  This gives us much more hanging space.  I am also taking an old sofa and desk out of the loft to provide more walking room for costumes.  One of my dance moms came and helped me organize but we will finish on Monday night.  I will do a little work tonight when advanced Jazz comes in, they can help me with the sofa and desk.  What I really need to do is clean out the loft overhang.  I bet there are 4 or 5 truckloads of crap that belong to the old landlord, but that is a project for another day. (or year)

     I am a firm believer that the more organized you are the easier your life can be.  I love going up to the loft and looking for costumes and everything is labeled and tagged and hung together.  It just makes my life so much better and the students are able to find things when they need them and then put them back.

     I am going in to get a little sewing done and then work on my books.  I don't have to call again for jury duty until Sunday so that is 1/5 of the way through the month, they called 1-30 and my number is 420 so maybe I will skate by......  My daughter says I am a prosecutors dream so I would be dismissed immediately, but what a waste of time.  Even though I know it is my civic duty. Blah!

     I am going to make a big old pot of split pea soup tomorrow with a ham bone and I bought a roast on sale last night that will make 2 stews.  Crock pot here I come. Judy is so inspiring.

It is the 3rd of January and I have not used a credit card!  I am so proud of me, well not really but I am going to post this every day and then post what I do use a CC for and I expect my butt to be thoroughly kicked if any of you think it is a poor choice.

I also will be posting my daily totals after I balance today.  Gotta keep myself honest.:)

Out My Window:  Sunny, beautiful and so far the coldest day of the year!

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Woo hoo, no CC debt! That's a great start. Glad the parents are pitching in helping you out. And I agree... though I know keeping things organized makes things better, you wouldn't want to see my desk around invoicing days... it's terrible! Crock pot soup sounds so good... I really wish I could use a crock pot and learn how to use them. But I'm sure the landlords wouldnt like the idea!

  2. Kim's mantra for 2013.....If I don't have the cash in hand, I don't buy it!

    Go you!

  3. Crock pot soup sounds great - it's really cold here!

    Wishing you luck in 2013!