Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday, too much is too much!

26 days with out a cc!
studio $158.96
Personal $144.16

     I did taxes most of the day yesterday.  Still not ready to total but organized and I am through almost all receipts.  Should finish today hopefully.

Last night when we were ready to go to dinner with friends as we were running out the door I realized I did not know where my cell phone was and I could not find my car keys.  We finally just left as to not make the other couple wait.  Turns out I had put my cell phone in daughters purse by mistake, she called hubby on our way to the restaurant.  I then remembered putting a hole bunch of cans in the recycling after I had unlocked the garage with my keys.  When we returned home Hubby used a flash light to look in huge recycling container and sure enough down at the bottom are my keys. Keys with three car clickers that cost over $200 a apiece to replace .  The bank keys, the studio keys, the high schools green room and costume closet keys and stage keys.  Not good.

     So hubby forbade any more taxes after dinner.  I was getting dingy (his words).

Back to the old grind stone!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I was going to email you. So apparently our seamstress prices have gone is a run down of the prices she wants

    35.00 to insert the bra inserts which we purchased from her two years ago and reuse with each dress.

    40.00 to remove one layer of crinolin

    35.00 to remove one layer of tulle

    25.00 for tuck in bodice to make it lay a little more secure on her body

    So we are talking another 110.00 for the alterations. So at this point youngest has decided not to have the the tulle or crinolin level removed and just put in the bras.

    I understand this is a talent ad skill that I do not posses but I wish you lived closer so I could pay YOU to do it and we could sit and have tea. But that should give you a idea of what they are charging in philly...ack

    1. Judy go in with a pair of scissors and cut out the layer of tulle and then cut out the crinoline. Also tack the bra inserts in with a tack stitch. Take a needle and thread and take a small tuck under the arm pit. I mean really know one will see it. Or mail it to me.

  2. Oh my! So happy you found everything. And, I'm with you. Once I start with the taxes, I become a nut.