Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday, behind as usual

Day 8 without using credit!

     I spent Monday packing and helping D#3 get her crap together to move back to college.  It was a day of organizing, throwing away, sorting, cleaning, bending lifting.  Then I went to the studio and did the same with a couple of moms.  All the while yelling down the stairs, be quiet and do that again.  But the closet is almost done.  All this bending and lifting has done a number on my back.  So sore.  But great exercise.
     Yesterday I was up early to deliver a car load of stuff to the sorority and spent the day driving around getting that last minute things done.  I was able to get home 16 minutes before my first class.  So I am now very behind in the sewing shop.  Prom dresses out the yazoo.
     Tomorrow I have a funeral in the morning and a luncheon to serve at in the afternoon.  I have not paid bills, I have not made deposits, I have not done the dishes, I am just trying to catch up.
      Heading for the sewing machines right now and I will stay there until I have to teach to day!

Bad kim, bad kim.  But the money will be nice.

I am off to the salt mines.

Have a great and productive day!

p.s. did not use a cc yesterday with daughter.  Made her use all her own money.  So proud of me.


  1. Don't overwork yourself! Seriously. That's a lot of work on your plate... hope today and tomorrow go a bit easier/quieter so you can catch up. Hope it's warm enough on your end to open the window by your sewing machine so you can enjoy that. (Good job on not using the CC!)

  2. I hate prom dresses but alas that is how we will spend out saturday. Right now she has her heart set on a mermaid sytle which I think will look good or a all sequin dress which I think will be to heavy. I may just take you up on pinning it and sending it to you...I trust you more than the other seamstresses around here!!!

  3. I am proud of you too!
    As long as the bills are overdue, don't worry about the money stuff.
    Get the money generated(sewing)and maybe the dishes will do themselves....OK, probably not but they won't be going anywhere. lol

  4. You can definitely count it as an exercise! Good for you for making your daughter use her own money. That's how they learn responsibility!

  5. Excellent progress asking your daughter to use her own money! It's important for her to understand the value & balance that goes into running a household. Hope you get caught up!