Friday, October 14, 2011


  I am living for Fridays this year, by Thursday night I am beat!  I have to go teach a class this morning and I don't want to.  It is on Provident living for my church.  I don't know how many will be there and I will not put a lot of work, money and effort into a subject I think is dumb!  Making inexpensive Holloween costumes for your kids.  If you don't have any money you don't get a costume.  Or how about, buy the costumes the year before out of the $1 bin at Wal-mart.  Or go to the $1 store.  End of subject.  It is not that I don't have a ton of ideas but they all cost money and most of these young women don't have it!  I also have to realize that my kids are raised and I am not so into Holloween,  do like the candy:)

      When I went grocery shopping with B the other night I was so shocked.  I know that food prices are up, but I really don't buy many groceries.  We eat out of the garden, which is at an end.  I make almost everything from scratch and have a huge pantry that I rotate.  For instance we were getting low on canned veggies and beans.  But a store had a case sale two weeks ago and I bought 2 cases of corn, peas, french green beans and several cases of different beans,  This was about $80.00 of last months grocery budget. I do buy cake mixes when they are on sale.  The cost of a scratch cake to a mix is almost triple.  But I wait until they are under $1.
     Where was I going with this?  A loaf of bread......( and this was the least expensive store in the valley) was just under $3.00.  They were small loaves.  I will only eat heavy 100% whole wheat bread.  I mean when did this happen?  I guess I am so busy with my life that I don't pay attention.  So today after I finish my class I am going to make 2 large loaves of bread.  I will do this every week.  My kids love home made bread and will eat anything I make instantly with their friends in tow.  But they are no longer here so I might actually be able to make a couple of loaves last more than a day.  I have wheat and a very nice grinder.  It only takes about 10 minutes to whip it up, the mixer does the kneading, I let is rest and come back in 1.5 hours, put it in pans let it rest again and bake.  I can sew in between steps.  We go through about 3 loaves of bread a week.  This is not much of a saving but even $7.00 adds up and it is so much better for you.  No preservatives tastes wonderful.  I can really see how food is such an issue with many families.  I just have lived broke for so long that food was the only area where I could cut back and learned to do without a large grocery budget.  That has never changed even as things became better.

Out My Window:  Hubby finally has the yard mowed.  He actually finished in the dark last night so I wonder what it looks like?  I will go harvest the rest of the brussel sprouts today and pull the stems.  We are still getting a few tomatoes, and we will leave the potatoes to dig as needed.

     I have a bout $100.00 to get me through the weekend and I have to get an oil change in the car, no I don't let H do this, I could write you books on his attempts to be a mechanic and all are tragedies.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Grocery costs are absolutely insane!! I'm making all our bread & trying to stretch our $$ too! I bake about 10 loaves a week for my hubby & kids and t saves a LOT of $$! Especially at $3-4 a loaf! Ugh!! :/

  2. I'm still managing (except for Thanksgiving) to stay within $100 per week for groceries for 3 people. HOWEVER, my daughter eats out a lot (saves me money) and Michael brings food home from the restaurant he works at two nights a week (again, saves me money!) So that's probably making up for the rise in prices. We don't eat out much, only for special occasions, and buy a lot of our pantry supplies in bulk, like lentils, beans, split peas etc so they last a long long time and we make lots of cheap soup out of them. And I only buy meat that's on special - some weeks are tough though!

  3. Prices are just out of control. I am shopping loss leaders at the stores plus going to the korean market just to stay in budget.


  4. Yep! Prices are out of control. It's just me and DH now and we easily spend about 80/week. That is for food only, if we need toothpaste, hair dye, shampoo or anything else it can easily go over $150. !!! Yikes! So I'm trying to make things last and stretch every last dime.