Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday, I cannot go back.

     I am sleepy and cold.  I think I just need to get moving.  I have done very well on not spending money this week.  I just cleaned out the fridge and there is still plenty of food.  We do have to go get a raft of cleaning supplies for the studio, also Halloween candy for the massive Trick-or-Treat the downtown puts on.  We are smack dab in the middle of it so we can't bail.  I also think it is good advertising.  We have to spend at least $100.00 on the cheapest candy but it does show parents where we are.  I can spend $125.00 on a small add in the paper and get maybe 250 people to read it.  We will get at least 2000 kids.  It only lasts for 2 hours but it is steady.
     We had 24 really good kids try out for the Jr. High Show.  So if we can keep the majority of them it should be good.  Daughter came to rehearsal and left, early so that was fine.  She has a working interview next Wednesday.  So I will have rehearsal by myself.  Damn!  See what I mean.  Now I can't let her miss a working interview.  She needs a job.  She wanted to take the Jr. High contract because she needed the money, but I will be stuck with a lot of  the work.  I told her she had to do the cast list and the schedule, choose the songs and perfect the script.  So if she does all that before next Wednesday, I will feel  somewhat vindicated.  Right now she is putting her large basket of laundry away.:)  Happy Mom.
     They did announce on the news last night the closure of the mill.  They are giving all employees a two month severance package, so we won't really see the monetary affects until January.  They will have a two week waiting period and then can collect unemployment for two weeks before going back to work, at reduced wages.  The hard part is most mill workers by a lot of toys.  Boats, snow mobiles, trailers, jet skis, 4 wheelers.  They ave no money and no savings.  They are one paycheck away from disaster.  And this will be one paycheck.  Hopefully they will use the severance pay carefully and get through and rethink.  But I cannot tell you the  toys that will be selling cheap here.  You will be able to pick up a nummy for peanuts come January.

  I am just so grateful I don't live like that any more.  Not that we ever had toys, we just did not budget and spent too much on unnecessary things.  I can never go back to that sick to my stomacher feeling of where I  was going to get $1,100.00 to pay the months bills.

Out My Window:  One of the chickens laid an egg yesterday the size of a duck egg.  It is three times the size of a normal egg.  We cannot put it in a carton and get it to close.  Poor chicken!

       I am off to Costco, this is dangerous for me, I call it the $200.00 store and only go there for toilet paper and cleaning things for the dance studio.  Need to get more sewing done, and make a deposit.

Have a great and productive day! 



  1. Its a shame with the mill. My grandfather worked at the shipyards in Philly his whole life but unlike alot of the younger workers(he said) he never bought the trinkets they did. So when the dock was bought out by a Japanese company in the 80's my grandfather was able to retire and live comfortably. Not grandly but comfortably.

    Glad your daughter is putting that laundry away!


  2. I just made a Costco run yesterday, & it was $130. That place lures me in. :-)

  3. What a bummer about the mill closing. The effects of that will be great, I'm sure. Hope that it doesn't affect you too much!