Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday, bank mess up!

     As you will remember over a month ago I went to my CU and had them cut two checks for me to pay off a large CC balance at US Bank and a Credit line at US Bank.  This would close these accounts and make it easier to leave them (which should happen soon).  I took the checks to a teller and told her to pay off these loans and close the accounts.  Well come to find out she put both of the payments on the CC causing us to have a credit of over $9,755.00.  Then she did not pay the credit line.  Well I did not pay the credit line either.  It was paid off.  So a payment was taken automatically out of the checking account and I am trying to get this account down to nothing so I can open an account at the CU. The payment that was not supposed to have been made because it should not have existed overdrew that account and....... what a mess.   I actually rec'd a call from a banker, as soon as my account overdrew she knew something was wrong.  We have never overdrawn.  Then she researched all accounts and saw the huge over payment on the CC.  As it came in two checks she realized that the exact amount of the 2nd check was the exact amount of the Credit line pay off.  So they were fixing all of this and removing fees as she was speaking to me.  She was so nice!  Not like the last time I spoke to her about the $10.00 she had charged us for our x-fer after we closed our home loan with them.  I think they can see the hand writing now and it is too late.  But I will have to make sure that no extra fees were charged to me and all interest is reimbursed.  Because, I would have paid at least $200.00 in interest last month on that loan, plus the overdraft fees, etc. What a mess!  At least they are taking blame.

     Hubby has not been able to car pool since August when his car-pool mates went on fire duty.  Now they are back but every day it is a different excuse.  He is very discouraged.  It is costing us well over $300.00 again for him to get to work.  We bought a slightly bigger vehicle so everyone would be comfy.  We would have bought a really small Nissan Sentra for a commuter car if he was not in a car pool.  I told him not to be to upset, it would all come back when the driving got old again.  But it amazes me that some people just do not want to save money. They are not frugal, they have years ahead before retirement and don't see the need to try and live on less. We cannot make them.  Now if this doesn't change we may sell the Forestor and buy a used Sentra.

     I was able to collect a small fraction of tuition last night.  I am composing a letter to send to all parents that if they come next week with a check (after the 10th) they need to add a late charge.  They can mail or drop a check off when the studio is open in the evenings.  I am explaining that the company that does our books will use this $20.00 to pay their fee for keeping our books.  Actually it is in the companies favor that they pay late, the company can make more money.  Company being ME!  Do you think this will work?

Out My Window:  Rainy and cool, sprinkler men will be here soon to turn off and blow out the system.  Where did summer go?  It was short this year.

     On a more positive note!  I had over $100.00 worth of sewing picked up and I have much more to do.  I also received a $47.00 check in the mail from the eye doctor that I had forgotten about. So I am getting close to my goal for the weekend.  I have enough to pay my first big bill at the Studio and cover payroll so we are okay!  I need to get busy, get dressed it is late!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm glad they took blame for that. Banks are such a hassle. And I hope they all decide to car pool again.

    I think the $20 idea is good, they should be paying!

  2. At least they are admitting and fixing it. Good luck with the tuition tonight


  3. Or you could tell them that the late payment pays for your stress medication (wine) caused by their payments being LATE!!