Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, I have the cutest grandson!

     I know there are several out there that will call me on this, but my grand son is the cutest!
We spent 4 days in rapture with him.  He is just shy of 8 months and we had not seen him since he was 5 months.  He is pulling himself up to is feet, and sitting up and chugging all over the place.  Great funny personality just like his mom.  I  am told his dad was also an easy happy baby.  My son-in-laws mother lives with them and watches the baby.  He is certainly well cared for and loved.  I am jealous of her but also eternally grateful that my grandson has this kind of care.  She is also loving and very supportive to my daughter, a true friend.

    Before I left on my trip I totaled the studio receipts.  We had collected less than 1/2 the tuition and 41 families had not paid.  My daughter wanted me to wait to send a letter out until this evening, as there was no dance Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and no way for a parent to come down and pay.  When your house payment is due on a Sunday do you get to  pay it late?  Hey, Rhitter, how about Cap One do they forgive weekends and holidays? But she was right in the fact that when we came home and checked the mail 5 more payment had come in and we may get a raft of people tonight.  A letter will go out tomorrow(drafted by my daughter) clearly stating the new (old) policy and it will be strictly enforced.  Do you realize that if every family that paid late paid the $20.00 late charge we would get and extra $800.00 a month?  I could use that money. I would feel like it was blood money. 
      I will fully admit that I will pay a bill late if they  don't make me pay it on time. This studio has made me a lot more aware of my own behavior. I will never pay a bill late that would show up on my credit report.  But a doctor or a utility, every time.  Now that I am coming out from under the fog I really try to pay bills as they come in.  Even that little 2 or 3 dollar charge from the phone company adds up.
     I hope to have  more positive news to report on this subject and finally never have to post about it again.  I am sick of it and I am sure you are also!

     Out My Window:  It is very rainy and cold here.  We had to turn on the heat.):  October 10th, it was 59 degrees in the front room.  It is much cooler and also much warmer in the basement where my shop is.  I also run a space heater in the shop when it is very cold, there by keeping the rest of the house at 68.  We actually like a cool bedroom.

     I have been unpacking all morning and doing laundry, catching up on the chickens, cleaning house, organizing the shop.  I have a lot of work to do in the shop and today is a long teaching day, so I had better go get some make-up on so I don't scare my students and get to work.  I missed all of you and could not wait to get back to the blog world.

     I did not stay on budget on my trip, I went over!  I bought daughter #1 a new 3 piece suit at Ann Taylor for Christmas. It was Navy blue, hard color to find.  It was on sale and then 40% more off the last price.  My daughter is busty she wears a size 8-10 skirt, a 12 jacket, and I found a size 10 fully lined wool pant, a 12 blazer and a 14 skirt.  I will alter the skirt to fit.  The clerk wanted a business card, I told her I did not live in the area, I mean it girls you  all need to sew!  DON'T open a dance studio! Budget over with gas by $180.00 now I have to make it up!

Have a Great and Productive Day!



  1. I am so glad to see that you are getting on top of the parents-who-don't-pay-or-pay-late issue. I hope this problem gets solved quickly and that the solution benefits you and your family!

  2. My dearest Kim - Darth CapOne has no compassion!

  3. You're not the only one overspending this past weekend (me too!) When I was in school the powers that be made all of us girls learn to sew and when I was in highschool I used to make most of my own clothes. (not my jeans obviously!) I really enjoyed it but now my sewing machine sits in a closet, rarely pulled out. I enjoy sewing - perhaps I can get back into it when I retire...perhaps...

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Both of my grandmoms were seamstresses but I only learned to make basic clohting :(

    Good luck with the tuition...keep strong. They are holding your money hostage...