Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday, trouble in the valley

   We have one huge employer in our Valley.  It is a paper plant and the wages and benefits are really good.  Well they are going to sell in the next two days.  The mills will close for 90 days to break the union and then open back up.  Severely reduced wages and very poor benefits.  This could and will affect the dance studio, my shop and my husbands job.  I am so grateful that we are trying to get out of debt.  I feel very sorry for the people this will hurt.  I remember this happening when I was in high school to all the mills in Montana.  The fall out was horrific.  They always choose to break unions in November, as it is before Christmas and people are more desperate to settle.  Scary.
     This is the first time since I have owned the studio (6 years) that we have almost $1000.00 worth of tuition collected before a month begins.  It is such a relief to know that I will be able to make payroll.  May this be a thing of the future.
     I was able to make real progress on my choreography last night.  I will be able to finish by the 19th of November.  I really like at least 4 lessons before a show to work on a finished product and I will just make that.  I have decided besides sending notes home with parents personally to mail the same note again at the end of this week.  It will cost in stamps and time, but I also think they need to realize how serious we are.  With what is coming to our valley, I must be diligent.

   Out My Window:  It really froze last night, I mean vines right down to mush, so now we can really close up shop in the yard.  Hubby is happy he won't have to mow again.

     I have one more large group dance for my youngest Celtic dancers to work on tonight.  I also have at least 12 hems to do today.  Work coming into the shop has been slow this week, but I still have plenty to keep me busy.  We have our Jr. High tryout today at 3 p.m.  DD#2 has a job interview tonight in another town, but I told her she had to go to this play try out as she agreed to do it.  Last year she did this and did not help at all.  She always wants to do things and then has conflicts I can't argue with.  Like a job interview.  Well tough squeeze it in, that is what I have to do.  No you cannot call and cancel at the last minute. She likes the money but mom does the work.  Now don't get me wrong she is a hard worker, but she also will dump on me at any given moment, because I am her mom and she can.  Well Mom is busy and goes not want to do this.  I am so mean.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You're not mean - you're teaching her about responsibility. There's a difference. :-)

    I grew up in a mill town (SW Washington) & it's a crazy time right now for people employed in those kinds of jobs. I'm not sure there's a good answer to any of it.

  2. That's so awesome that you've collected a good amount of tuition so far!! :) What a relief! I agree about your daughter... My son needs a job but thinks he's going to apply to ONE STORE and get the job right away... *sigh* Kids.... :P

  3. Unions do make a lot of people's job and enviroment rather challenging. Hope your town recovers quickly from the fall/rise/flush of these changes.

    I don't think you are mean! She does need to learn that while she has situations outside of her control, so do you, and that she can't be expecting you to bail her out every time something does come up, because you don't always get the same chance. It'll teach her to prioritize and respect people's time.