Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday, silly kids

     Our youngest daughter came home last night, she is getting her hair cut and colored this morning early and did not want to wake up early to drive down.  She brought 4 loads of laundry (lucky mom).  We trade dance lessons with a local hair dresser and it is so nice.  This woman does not do my hair just the girls, but I never have to pay for those expensive weaves or razor cuts that need to be redone constantly.  Anyway she had dinner with some old high school friends and their parents.  When I was done teaching dance she helped us clean the bank then I bought her a few groceries (a few).  I was very strict as she needs gas money also.
    We arrived home from the grocery store about 11:30 last night and her little Volkswagon had been covered by saran wrap.  I mean it looked like a shiny cocoon.  She says , "I knew they were up to something! They were out doing shenanigans tonight and I could not go with them and when you can't go with them the joke is pulled on you." Yes the car pictures are all over facebook.  Too funny.  This is how the kids in rural Idaho that don't drink entertain themselves.  The practical jokes they pull on each other are so funny.  Yes cow tipping is a sport.
     I have been doing well with my cash budget, but Tuesday hubby needed $55.00 for gas.  Last nights groceries (I bought a few things) and with B's gas money and I am broke again.  I am so grateful for the shop as it keeps me in cash, but it would be nice just to be able to keep some of it.
     Out My Window:  Rainy, cold and overcast, but it will clear off this afternoon and then a lovely Indian Summer day.
      I loved B-Kats picture today.  I sure feel sorry for the kids that have so many school loans.  Like my 2 oldest daughters.  Now the oldest has a Doctorate and a very good high paying job she still has a hard time getting those loans paid.  The second one can't find a job and has many school loans.  She will make terrific money but nothing is available.  We are only allowing B to take out $3000.00 a year or $1500.00 a semester.  She has to work and we will help her, but she must live frugally.  No living it high on school loans.
I am truly concerned for this generation of kids.

     Well I must go take B to her appointment and get to work, the shop is full, I have no cash and I need me some money!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I know what you mean. My daughter is going through to become a french teacher and lord only knows if there'll be any jobs by the time she's done. They're calling the kids in their 20's the "lost generation"...working several part-time jobs to try to continue their pampered lifestyles when living with the parental units (that's what I'm called lol!) Let's hope the world economy isn't totally in the toilet!

  2. I beleive there will be a French teacher position available in Lewiston next year. (High School)