Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, I will not cook!

     Hubby and I ran a few errands yesterday morning, I bought some new bread pans, and we needed to get my serger looked at.  Well the only sewing machine store in this tiny town was closed.  Love the traffic hate the service.  My daughter text us and asked if she could move her B-day dinner to Saturday at 5 instead of Sunday at 5, as youngest daughter had to work.  She also wanted Korean bul-go gee and Kimba (Korean Sushie), pumpkin pie.  Hubby and I had also agreed that we would clean chicken coop, (I did this last time by myself) it is very easy and takes about 15 minutes.  I also have a window that I cannot shut and I would need his help.So I told hubby that I would go home a start cooking, as these are vary time consuming dishes.  Cooked all afternoon and meal was great.  Had a fun time and many laughs with the girls.  Finally at 9 last night I did all the dishes, by myself.  Hubby took long naps and watched TV, dabbled on the net.  Chicken coop not clean, window still open.

  He goes to church early as he is a clerk.  When I joined him I asked him what he got done yesterday, besides eat and sleep?  I reminded him that those things had not been done. He looked somewhat abashed but his excuse was that I should have reminded him yesterday.  He will do no work on the Sabbath.  (Which I call a holy mans way to be lazy)  No I needed to do them with him as in stand over him and hound him.  So today I will not do a &&^^%$$&* thing.  I always work like a hind on Sunday, not in my shop or at my studio, but at home. I also dumped two big baskets of clothes that I had folded on his bed.  I put my things away but his are still there.  He can eat cold food and I hid the second pie.  I can be a little vindictive when he is so lazy.  He is really lazy by nature, but sometimes he is over the top. Honestly two easy chores and when I am not there to actually take his hand and stand outside with him they do not get done. 

   Out My Window:  Driving around town yesterday was so pretty.  The fall colors are just exploding.  We have a small strip mall that has red maples all around it and these were stunning.  How can something that is going through a cycle of death be so beautiful.

     Well I am off to take a nap, because I need one as I am grouchy.  Have you noticed?

Have a peaceful Sabbath,


  1. I don't think you are grouchy at all. BUT if he is going to pull out the now work on sabbath rule then he shouldn't be watching tv, driving, or doing anything he wants to do. He should be at church all day or praying all day(Im a little cranky at my husband to)

    Have a nice nap you deserve it. I would have no idea how to even start the dishes you made for your daughter


  2. Sorry for your aggravation. My husband, too, can be lazy. He doesn't do a lot of the household work, which most of the time does not bother me. But there is nothing that enrages me more than when he starts to complain about something I'm doing. I.e. not liking my dinner choices, or complaining because something he wants to wear is not clean, etc...He's a big boy. If he doesn't like what we're eating, he can make something himself and if something isn't clean, he knows how to use the washing machine.

  3. Aww... ((Kim)) Truth be told I get like this too, I'm ALWAYS doing ths or that & when hubby has a day or two off he has his days when he does NOTHING and it irks me to no end! Grr!! Hope you ended up having some time to relax!!

  4. See it is a universal wife thing. I never get a day off. His days off are sacred. Also when he gets sick, which is not often he is flat in bed. I am still doing everything I possibly can. A bad cold will send him to bed for days. What a boob. But when I get really sick with a high fever and am down in bed the whole family freaks out. They all gather and stand over me like I am half way to the grave. It is kind of funny, really.

  5. Very passive aggressive putting it on YOU to remind him of HIS chores. Men can be such babies sometimes! Or boobs, I like that word lol! Doofus is good too!!