Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday, I over did it!

     Can you beleive that I over worked my self today?  Started at 9 by doing a walk through of the local sheriff's department as a new girl will be cleaning it and I had to train her.  Then my boss called and the largest local CU has rented a new building that had not been used for about 5 years.  I walked through that building with boss at 10  and then called a crew in to meet me at noon. Went to get a few groceries, and get the oil changed in the car.  Met the crew cleaned until 4 p.m. came home and made three pies, 2 loaves of bread, ground wheat for the next baking, went back to store to stock up on peanut butter, I was also running out of cinnamon and vinegar.  Can't have that, daughter called and wanted help moving final stuff out of her apartment.  I sent her father.  Now I am going to bed!  My feet are killing me.

Have a good night!



  1. I am exhausted just reading about your day. Get a good nights sleep


  2. I didn't think it was POSSIBLE for you to over do it!! I hope you had a great night's deserve it.

  3. Wow, you WERE busy! A lot BUSIER than me! Though I did get my laundry done and some cooking done and read 2, yes 2 newspapers, exercised, put clothes away, ironed...not too bad:) Hope you sleep well!

  4. Holy Cow! I think you need to institute a "Simple Sunday" like Carla!