Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday, I spent too much money!

     Well all the toilet paper and cleaning supplies at Costco cost $130.00 but should last through Christmas.  We wipe a lot of bums everyday with and average of 50 students a day coming through that place.  We spent $100.00 on Halloween candy.  I went to Moscow last night and spent the night with the youngest daughter.  We went to Wingers for ribs, yum!  We split a rack and still brought home over 1/2.  I took her grocery shopping, as I have not done that since hubby did this the first of Sept.  I spent $130.00 about $30.00 was for Thanksgiving stock up.  They have a Winco and it is so much cheaper than our stores here.  I also purchased her a new wool coat at Old Navy.  It is very warm where we live, but up the hill it averages about 20 degrees a day in the winter.  I could not beleive how cold it was.  We never really even have heavy coats here unless we are going out to ski.  I actually wear heavy Swedish Sweaters most of the winter.  Went for over ten years without a winter coat.  I also purchased 4 new sweat outfits for teaching for daughter and I.  They were expensive, but we sweat and wash these every day.  I would rather have an outfit last 2 years of washing rather that one month.  So we do buy high quality teaching clothes.  I have not had any new ones for two years. Total Old Navy $120.00 (earned $50.00 in christmas $ purchases) Sports Shop $385.00.

     See what happens when Kim starts getting ahead?  I spend money.  Not to justify this but it has been a long time!  Please don't total all I spent I can't take it!  Although I will tell you I paid cash for everything.  How nice.  Two years ago I would have charged all but the groceries.  See how I have changed.  Just the fact that I had the money to pay cash is a miracle to me.
     I just realized that both cars will have to have gas tonight!  That will be at least $100.00.  Darn.  But I have several people picking up today so I will be fine.  Plus I have so much work to do.

     Out My Window:  The question is?  Will we get any trimming done this weekend?  I think I am avoiding it.  Can you imagine that?  Only 35 shrubs some the size of a small car that need to be cut down to knee level.  Why should I avoid that?

     Well I need to put away my groceries, and I have several customers that are due in today.  Also need to go to the Jr. High and get a printing order in, then go teach a dance class.  Oh don't forget the sewing.  Better get my butt in gear.  Oh I also had my nails done yesterday!  Have you ever listened to public radio?  I like it, but some times the nuts they have on there.  I listened to it on the way up the hill yesterday.  Did you know there is a man that has it on good authority that soy based products in our diets over the last 30 years, have caused men to be non-masculine?  I am a dance teacher, don't even get me started.  I get young men as young as three and raise them into the dance world.  Many have gone on professionally, and none of them was made non-masculine by diet, nor can a three year old make a choice!  I about stopped the truck to throw up.  Okay, done with my rant!

Have a Great and Productive Day!



  1. Quite the spree you had there Kim!! I am green with envy; I spent rather freely over the summer and it's hard to stop. I justify my spending by going to thrift stores but spending is spending no matter the amount! Ah well, what can you do, like you say you need the sweat outfits and I need another pair of shoes like a hole in the head, but I can always rationalize it somehow...sigh!

  2. First off you paid cash. 2nd the clothes you purchased will keep you warm(so you dont turn up the heat) and I believe in always buying quality. I only buy good scrubs because they hold up in the wash, same with you buying good outfits for teaching you will wear them and they will wash well. more shoes for :)


  3. But I liked Jane's boots. They are made for walkin!