Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday, this could only happen to me.

     I went to clean a bank tonight and the large wooden door to the teller line was closed and locked with a key pad.  I do not have the code to this pad.  I have 45 seconds from the time I enter the first floor to set an alarm system.  The alarm system is on the other side of the door.  So I quickly assess the situation and decide to scale the door.  Quickly I push a chair to the door and swing my leg over and realize that the drop is too far for me and my wrists are to arthritic to hold me as I go over the door.
     Alarm goes off.  I jump off chair and use the cell phone to call the police dept. to tell them that I have tripped the alarm and not to come with guns drawn because I am the janitor.  The police dispatchers all know me because I do the alterations for the city and have cleaned the station for over 10 years.
    Okay now I will scale the teller line because I think I can get over that without breaking my ankle.  As I clear the line which has two large granite counters the phones go off.  I know it is security calling to see if we are being robbed.  I answer just as I stand to clear the line and I hit my head hard on a hanging light I did not notice as I was paying more attention to the alarm system and lights flashing and noise, cell phone, my sore head.  The security man here this big crash,( light breaking), thud( me falling off the last counter), small crash(light hitting counter) glass tinkling (light breaking on marble) swearing( might have been me).

     He forbids me to clean behind line as they left the door shut with no code.  So I climb back over and he clears us for an hour.  Hubby comes upstairs just as I climb back over and had know idea what just happened.  He did not have his hearing aids in so has heard nothing.

     I left a note for manager, telling her I did not want this played at the Christmas party (Judy will get those honors) and I did not want this to show up on U-tube.

     But it was a fast clean!


  1. This is such a funny story, I actually laughed outloud! :)! Glad you are okay, and that the bank got cleaned!

  2. Sounds like a Laurel and Hardy movie! Sure hope your head is ok, if it's anything like mine it's harder than the light! Which makes me thing of the Cat Stevens song "Hard Headed Woman!" That's you Kim!

  3. Ouch! But funny! I hope your head is ok :)