Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, out to lunch

     I am up and running around the house, almost done drying pears and I will soon be onto apples, but so many trees did not produce this year because of the cold spring so I may not be able to do these.
     I am taking an elderly client with Parkinson's disease out to lunch today.  I really enjoy her company, but it is a three hour ordeal to get her out of the nursing home, into a restaurant and back.  I try to do it every month or so.
     I will be interested to see how many people pay their tuition today.  I have signs up at the back and the front of the studio that tuition is due today and I will be charging a $20.00 late fee after the 10th.  I need to pay a $500.00 bill and payroll for last month by Wednesday, so let's hope it comes in soon.  Our rent is not due until the 13th and then everything that is left after, utilities and phone, insurance will go to my last CC.  I am hoping for a $3500.00 payment but will be thrilled with $3000.00.
     I also need to get more money to travel to my daughters house this weekend.  I need at least $400.00 and I only have 1/2 saved.  Money, money, money.  I live for the day that debt does not rule me!

     I really liked Mysti's analogy about my house payment will require me to save or cut expenses by $50.00 a week and I can do that.  So a new goal of mine is to have a little side account here at home and I will try to put $50.00 a week in it.  Then I will have the money next month to add to the payment and if I don't need it, it goes to the Christmas fund.  We are really blessed to live in an area where our taxes and insurance escrow are only $186.00 a month, almost $1000.00 of my payment goes to principle.

     Out My Window:  Very cool this morning and over cast.  I have on long pants for the first time in months.
   The fall colors out by the pond are so pretty.  I tried to landscape the yard so it would produce color all year long.  I even have yellow and red twig dog woods so that the twigs that come up out of the snow look great with the ever greens.

     I need to go put on some make up and fix my hair then hit the shop!  I need money!  People need their sewing, and I can't forget the extra hours I am putting in at my cleaning job, I need to call these into payroll.  Jane just reminded me!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. See Kim we are like a family where everyone just quietly reminds everyone to do something and then gets it done.

    Now you make sure that you get that tuition. Remind them that although you would hate to exclude their children from the class you will if you have to because like them you are working. I used to send a letter home every week with soccer/softball reminding them. Remember this is your money! You are earning every cent.

    Now could you come down and do my ironing because its starting to look at me


  2. What Judy you don't have a blanket over it lol?!
    Kim - what would you do without us? And what would WE do without you?!
    I like Judy's point - that tuition is YOUR money so need to feel bad about asking for it. You are providing a service that they've agreed to so they must pay up or forfeit the class!