Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, Happy B-Day S you are 24?

     Yes one of my babies turns 24 today!  She is a beautiful auburn haired, tiny little dancer.  She always was.  When she was born the doctor said she's a red head.  I had lost two other daughters to birth defects and her older sister was 8 and desperately waiting for a sibling and here she was.  I had prayed for a girl with a particularly unusual color of red hair.  A copper penny dark red, my prayers were answered and her hair was even curly!  She has been turning heads ever since.  Happy Birthday Baby.  A gift? you ask?  Well Little Miss set the world on fire, you took the studio check book and spent $287.00 on things I did not know about, that is one very fine gift, so I will bring cupcakes to a dance class today and we will have a family dinner on Sunday.  (I am really getting ready for Halloween, by practicing my witch act) :)

     Thanks for all your responses to yesterdays post.  When Hubby got home yesterday I told him I had turned down the job and he was surprised.  He asked why and I told him it was too much for me and I had enough to do.  He said he had felt it was too much but knew I would figure it out because I always do.  Yeah like right.  So why am I still working for the school district?  I have told them for the past 10 years I want out!  Daughter has agreed to rehearse this show.  I even called a pianist for try outs next week.  Usually I play for try outs and rehearsals and bring in a professional for hell week and the show, but no more.  They can pay someone in addition to me.  I get taken advantage of because can direct, play, sew, costume, choreograph.  They pay one person to do it all.  I am done.  They can pay more than one professional. ( my witch shoes are uncurling, oh my toes feel so good)
     If you have not read Judy's post at "We may be poor, but we are happy" you need to do this now.  It is so funny and will put a spring in your step today!  This is a woman with guts.  I so admire her. 

     Out My Window:  Chickens are laying like crazy, if you live close and need eggs bring a carton.  I have been cleaning up around the fruit trees, by grabbing a few pears or apples off the ground ad taking with me to the coop.  They love the fruit.  I will not have to throw all that away.  Great!

     I am $76.00 away from making my goal payment on debt to my credit card.  I hope I can get a check in today that will pay it.  That means we will have one more large payment and we will payoff that card!  We still have $665.00 worth of tuition to collect this month.  Just enough to pay the insurance and leave a couple of hundred in the account for misc.   Get ready to party.

     I need to get busy, sewing shop is bombed.  I have a photo shoot for the 12 Days of Christmas this afternoon, I pulled all the costumes yesterday and need to press several of them.  We have to order a few, drat kids keep growing.  After this evening I will be able to breath a little easier.  So tired right now, I am sure it is because of stress I caused myself, but I am feeling like a deflating balloon, slowly going down and soon I will be flat and at nice:)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. LOL..uncurl those toes. And you will be happy to know that I put on close today and have yet to throw a temper tantrum today.

    What in the world did your daughter buy?


  2. What a little bundle of joy! A cupcake will certainly suffice for the occasion.

  3. First, happy birthday to your baby! :)

    Secondly, I'm SOO glad to hear that you turned the job down!! You need to take care of yourself or you're no use to anyone! (I may have also been told this recently...) While I understand your wanting to help your daughter, she's at the age that she can work extra hours and do extra jobs to earn some money. You do MUCH more than your share!! Hugs!!

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! And, great news that you turned down the job & you're focusing on your health.