Thursday, April 21, 2022

Thursday, Thrifty, and working hard

 My oh my, is Kim behind.  I only had 6 dresses come in yesterday, as I was frantically trying to get dresses out. And at this point trying to catch up is just a moot point.  Every phone call I get, I just tell them to get in the cue and the things will be done when I get back.

I am working on things that are already here. Did not even get to a wedding dress yesterday except to move one across the shop.  Does that count? Like moving something from a to b means I tried?

Hub's is out checking homes that have asked for help installing grab bars for toilets and showers. He has to go see what is required and then send that to the office where it is approved and then the supplies are purchased, and the work is done at a later date.  He has a whole slew of appointments today.  Also has to work at the high school tonight.

The weather here is so sketchy and I have lost many of my seedlings and all of the flowers I planted. So frustrating.  It is usually about 70 here by now or into the 80's.  We are hovering 50's and still have some freezing at night. A girlfriend of mine posted these plant tags and I could entirely relate as I will be replanting many of my seedlings.  But not until I get back.

I laughed pretty hard at this.  If you went out and looked at my portable green house, you would understand why.

It is a sad experience let me tell you.  But some are hanging on, desperately.

I can tell I am going to be sore later today.  I have not taught for 2.5 hours for a couple of years. It was fun to reconnect with old students.  They left sweaty and always know I will give them a good class. My balance was horrible, and they started to come out on the floor to give me an arm when I was demonstrating.  Like the grandma dance teacher, I am.  So sweet of them, so decrepit of me. 

Okay what did Kim do this week to save money?

1. saved all my change

2. saved all my 5-dollar bills, $80.00 this week, a lot of 5's total now stands at $905.00.

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill

4. Used points to buy meat at a mark down

5.used coupons at Joanns

6. downloaded receipts to fetch

7. Made a large Easter dinner at almost no cost as I had everything

8. did buy an extra ham that was on a good sale

9. Easter desserts, and rolls from scratch, plus cookies so much less expensive.

10. Cooked meals from scratch using food from pantry and freezer.

11. Got $119.45 from Adsense that I am putting in my flower fund for the boxes.

12. just signed up for Albertson's surveys for 5 extra points

Not a very inspiring week, but then I have been down and busy sewing and not going anywhere.

Have you lost any plants in your garden due to weather?  Did anything unusual to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I think your wise to just put a pause on everything not committed to until wedding is done. If the customer can't wait, they can look elsewhere.

  2. My plants never go out in the elements until Mother's Day due to our weather.

    1. We usually have to have things in the ground by March end or small plants burn in the heat. We are still freezing at night.

  3. No plants even thought of here yet. We have freezes into May.
    You both keep so busy.

  4. Garden...Plants....I wish. Right now we are expecting another 15 or so inches of snow. I can not remember winter hanging on this long.

    Great thrifty moves.

    God bless.

    1. I know! We usually don't get snow, but it is too cold here to plant. So wierd.

  5. I agree with your queue. Bring em in and wait in line until after the wedding.
    The plant markers made me laugh!

    1. If you could see my line up of little seedlings, you would cry.

  6. Ha: your plant tags are timely! I am finally (finally) heading out to the wreckage of our gardens to see what is up, what is down, and when do I till and start the vegetables???

    1. This year,as I will have to replant squash, pumpkins, and beans, that are all frozen.