Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday, Need to finish up

     I have to finish a Wedding dress today and several other things in the shop.  I am leaving Wednesday for Twin Falls to take care of my grandbabies for about 10 days.  I hate to miss work in the shop but most people wait for me and babies only stay little for such a short time.

    On my return I am picking up my in-laws to come and stay a week.  Hub's mom needs a break and Hub's is playing in "Oliver".  They are actually having the orchestra on stage so his folks will be able to see him.  This is a sacrifice as they are hard to be with for any length of time, but his mom really needs to be able to gather her strength and let someone else deal for a while.  She will have fun with my mom.

     The weather here is cool and I am still hoping for a week or two of warm weather before Fall hits full force.

     I went to a neighbor and picked a big box of apples for mom.  She will make Kirsten cakes and applet brod to put in the freezer.  I also dried a full dryer of apples and have to put another load in after this post.  Our neighbor also has a grape vine and we picked several pounds of sweet green grapes.  So good.  I am always totally amazed at the bounty of the earth. 

     From one seed grows an apple tree, which every year produces 10 boxes of apples.  The abundance and generosity of God is overwhelming.  I don't think we stop and give thanks enough for this, because we have never done without. 

     Gardening and processing your own food is a great way to see how well we are provided for.  It humbles me. 

     We always say grace and thank our Heavenly Father for our food, but in reality this becomes pretty wrote.  Just a habit.  It is only by going into the field and seeing what nature really can produce that I see the glory of it all.  I at least start to understand how well we are all provided for and I am filled with gratitude.

Well I am off to the sweat shop.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I love this post, what a wonderful commentary on a reminder to be grateful!

  2. The abundance and generosity of God is overwhelming. I don't think we stop and give thanks enough for this, because we have never done without.

    Thank you for this post. I needed to read and re-read it today!