Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday, at my daughter's

     I drove all day yesterday it is a good 8 hours out here.  But worth it because I have the two cutest grandsons on the planet.  Danny lost his first tooth and James is a rollie pollie chunk of a 5 month old.  He just had his second breakfast and is awaiting his elevensies.  He is part hobbit.

     The time change might kill me.  I stay up late and get up about 9.  Here I have to get up at 7 so I can get myself moving before daughter leaves.  I have to get my hands moving and working.  We learned that a few weeks ago when D#2 took off for work and put Will in bed with me.  I was able to get up but almost dropped him as my right hand was not opening or closing properly.  So the new rule is grandma gets up and moves around first.  Got to get the old car cranked and warmed up.

     I think it will be nice to get away for a while.  Not from the shop.  Just from Mom.  I think by the time I get back she will appreciate me more. She is still pretty mad and grouchy most of the time.  Unless she needs something.

     Hub's show opens tonight, I am sure it will go well.  They have a great director and have really practiced for a long time.

    It is rainy and cold here.  But I have lots to do.  Beds to make ,laundry, cooking, running after two munchkins.  It will be fun.  I am sure I will do some sewing.  All of daughter's colleagues will find out I am here and send over their stuff.  Also daughter need some things altered.

Well James is fussing.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Enjoy your break from mom.
    We go to the family reunion this weekend...rah.
    Email me about October and your plans.

  2. Show? What does your husband do? Do you wear a brace on your hand at night? I wore one and my hand operated better in the morning. I supported myself for years by sewing.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful break and enjoy your grandkids!

  4. Enjoy your time with the grands, though corralling 2 little people is not an easy task.