Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday, someone needs to kick my butt...

     Have you ever woken up in the morning just plain old lazy?  I am in a lazy funk today.  My mom is in a real bad mood so that is probably contributing to my lazy funk.  Snap out of it!  I keep telling myself that. Not quite sure what to do about it but will try to get me some motivation.

     Things I really need to do are:

#1. Call some people for pick up
#2 Clean up my house that was spotless last Saturday and is now sad in many places.
#3 complete my sewing quota
#4 pay bills and organize the budget for the month
#5 Fix this messy out of date BLOG  ( yeah how about that one?)
#5.5 Clean and take pictures of unfinished kitchen for blog?  (drumroll please)  ( I do better with a drumroll)  ( or better yet a trumpet salute)
#6 Take a nap and ignore the above:)

     Okay, okay, well..... yesterday I learned a new trick.  I went to help mom make up peach pie filling.  I usually freeze this in freezer bags, but I saw on a Paula Dean web site that you could put wax or parchment paper in a pie plate and then add you filling.  Now put plate in freezer for two hours.  Take out and wrap up edges of paper over frozen pie filling and store in a big plastic freezer bag.  When you need a pie, get your crust ready pop in the frozen shell dot with butter and put on top crust.  Bake with tinfoil top to protect crust take off the last 20 minutes to brown.  Now how clever is that?  We did 4 pies and they are all stacked neatly with rolled crusts for later yumminess.  Wow I amaze myself sometimes.  No more lumpy bags of fruit pie filling that fall out on your bare foot when you are looking for that last pound of burger you know is in the back.

     We had ribs, squash and the last of the corn on the cob for dinner.  Yum I hope that mom makes something for dinner as I have no ideas.

     Well nothing is getting done just sitting here, damn!

Have a great and productive day!




  1. What a brilliant idea using the parchment paper!! I am a HUGE parchment paper fan... I use it on everything. Trying to keep the pans from getting too dirty and I think I've convinced my hubs to use it more too.

  2. The frozen in the pan pie filling idea is brilliant. If I ever get my freezer cleaned and rearranged I am going to do that!

  3. Yum, pies! I don't make pies. I wish I'd taken the time to learn from my grandmother, who was an epic pie maker. Maybe I should try a cobbler. . .