Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday, what happened to yesterday?

     Yesterday was a blur.  Started out storyboarding the Christmas show and the shop was busy so it was up and down the stairs a hundred times.  We did the boarding here so I could keep the shop open.  It is done and good.  I was able to help the new owner and get things settled and juggled around as usual. 

     Then I hit the machines.. I had a dress and a mans Wedding out fir to get out, then the police showed up with a couple of emergencies. Then onto a Wedding dress from hell that I worked on until late into the night.

     Lace embossed upon lace is hard to work on and time consuming.  The bride comes this afternoon for a try on and I have to finish it up on Monday.

     My house is kind of a wreck.  Hub's is done drying the peaches and I need to start on apples.  Will work on that this weekend.

Hub's and I went grocery shopping last night.  I have a couple of bills to pay today so that is my life in a nut shell.

     Still working on my financials will post soon.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. What kind of police emergency are you able to handle with ease??!

    GUESS WHAT?!!! My daughter is planning a June 2017 wedding!!! I get to make another wedding dress!

    1. I want to come help! I love to do weddings as long as I am not part of the wedding, I want to hide in the back ground.

  2. Your days are crammed full. It makes me feel like a slacker

    1. Hey slack away after all you are denying yourself oreos.