Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday no more cats!

Well I am finally at a point in my life that I don't have a cat.  So out go all the cat things.  Actually  getting to the point of not having any animal will be nice.  It makes going places easier.  Less expense and trouble but I will miss my Pita.

Mom and I did up 13 quarts of peaches yesterday.  Then Hub's buys another lug.  Got to love that man.  He wanted to dry some and actually they are really good.  So I guess he will be busy.  Today he went out on a land survey for a friend.  He took his fishing pole and a gun so don't really know how much surveying he will do.

I did no sewing on Friday or yesterday so I really must get to work today.  Shame on me. I need to get busy today.

Our dryer was fixed by an older gentleman from the church who is a tinker by heart.  He can fix anything.  It cost me $15.00 for parts and a peach pie.  How is that for a blessing?

So let me tell you how amazing this is:

I took two rolled crusts out of the freezer and also a peach pie filling already frozen in the shape of a pie plate.   I waited 10 minutes and put the lower crust into the pie plate, dusted it with cornstarch (this prevents a soggy crust) dropped in the peach filling dotted it with butter, Put on the top crust, waited ten more minutes, crimped crust, vented it, brushed it with milk, sprinkled it with sugar and put it in a 375 oven for 40 minutes, then turned it up to 400 for twenty minutes.  Perfect peach pie.  No mess no fuss.

I paid a bill yesterday and exchanged two pairs of pants at Eddy Bauer that had shrunk so much on the first wash they were way above Hub's ankles.  I bought a different variety and he was happy.

Last evening I went to the studio to observe a new student, fabulous ballet dancer and then to sisters.  We were able to get all the wallpaper (actually two layers on several walls) down and also off the ceiling. It was such a lovely job.  I think I spent at least 10 hours on that huge staircase and hall way.  My sister posted a video on her face book.( Kelly Windish)  What a job and I am glad it is DONE!

Well I need to go clean myself up and get a few things done before I leave for lunch with my girlfriend.  SHHHH, mom thinks I am going to the doctor......  Well it is medicinal sort of:)

Have a great and productive day!



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  1. Another one will come along in no time. They always find the cat people! Says the crazy cat lady who is down to six at this point...